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  1. I have tried using the 25 and 10 and got no view from the 10mm but the donut shape with 25mm. It's no different when their turn the eyepiece to focus. I aimed at the moon a couple of weeks ago and saw that in that with both the 10mm and 25mm but still not really what I was expecting. Just bigger but no definition to it. I have tried moving the focus. Turning the eye piece is focusing right?
  2. Hi guys So I bought the skywatcher heritage 130 as reviews and discussions said it was simple to use. 2 clear nights and I still can't see anything When looking through all I see is a bright ring with a dark hole. This is on both stars and Jupiter or what I think is them. I saw this is meant to be out of focus but when trying to focus nothing changes Please help what am I doing wrong. I thought aim and see, but I'm not seeing anything. I am a real beginner and know nothing about astronomy but am I being too naive about viewing. I really didn't think it would be this difficult
  3. Sorry I should of said, I've gone for the heritage 130p as I have minimal storage and I will be transporting it quite a lot in a small car, so any bigger isn't really an option especially after I checked sizes of them. I just want to try and get the best views I possibly can with this scope
  4. Thanks James, I have Turn left At Orion which has been great, I've been using it alongside skysafari3 on iPad to learn where things are and trying to find them before I get my scope. It's probably a dumb question but what's the right light torch used for?
  5. Hi guys Thanks for all your advice in my last thread. I have definitely opted for the skywatcher heritage 130p dob. As it's on offer in FLO I have decided to spend a bit of extra cash on a few accessories. I have picked a couple of bits, could I get your thoughts on them please and anything else I might need or if I even need these I really want to get the best views of nebula as I possibly can and according to turn left at Orion, Nebula filters are required. Is this the right nebula filter for that scope? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/uhc-oiii-visual-filters/SW_UHC_filter-1.html I thought this set would last for a while and stop me getting bored, plus it seems the best value for money. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-94303-Telescope-Piece-Filter/dp/B00006RH5I/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1390036701&sr=1-2&keywords=Eye+piece+set Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for all your opinions. I'm definitely going to order the heritage 130p. Can I also ask the image I will see would be back to front and upside down is that right? If so can I use adapters on the eye piece (and what are they called) to have everything the right way round? I just think as a beginner it's going to be hard enough finding things let alone them being the wrong way around.
  7. Complete beginner also I have a few star chart, star walk and Luminos. I found Luminos the best and most user friendly with loads of info, definitely enough for a beginner. I'm on it more or less every night and that's without me owning a scope yet. Although all these reviews about sky safari might have to give that a try
  8. Thanks a lot that's a great help. I see first light optics has the skywatcher skyliner 150p for £205. Is there much difference between the two? If not I think I will go the heritage 130p
  9. Hi everyone I been looking through the forums for a couple of months now and have yet to buy my telescope. Would be great to get your thoughts on which suits me best. Firstly I have never used any scope so would need to be pretty straightforward to use. I have been looking at skywatcher heritage 130p as I've read that's its a pretty good beginner scope. I live in London so I'm not expecting to get great views from here but will be using it a lot from leysdown on isle of sheppey in Kent, which I'm hoping will be darker skies. Is that likely? I mostly want to look at DSO's and I know I won't see them as clear as Hubble but would they be more than blobs in the sky with that scope? Of course it would be great to view planets as well. I have a budget of around 150 but could possibly stretch to 200 if there was massive differences in the scopes. I have a few apps to find things in the sky and turn left at Orion so I'm hoping it will be easy enough to find objects in the sky but any advice on this would be great. I don't have much storage space and it will be transported quite a bit so size and weight need to be considered to fit in a relatively small car. Any help, advice and suggestions would be a massive help
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