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  1. Hi Guys, I'd just like to chip-in with this 200mm F4.5 from: http://www.orionoptics.co.uk/acatalog/Europa_200_f4.5_De-Luxe_model_.html which is what I'd buy right now, if I was starting again. Those Orion Europa OTAs have an exellent reputation (I have an 8" F8 - but only for planetary work) and at the moment come with a Crayford focuser, as well as the *excellent* Vixen GP-E mount and wooden tripod. That's £650 gone. Add a couple of MT1 motors and a WinCTC GOTO controller (needs a laptop to drive it - not costed here) and we're up to about £1150. Add a cheap refractor as guidescope, a webcam, a few cheap cables and some freeware and you'd have a *very* nice autoguiding system, just about bang-on the money! You could also retrofit an Autostar and LXD motors instead of the MT1s/WinCTC very simply (see Roboscope Yahoo Group) and at slightly less cost. Just my tuppence worth! ) HTH & Regards, -- Rob (~52N, ~1W)
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