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  1. So, really, we still just don`t know? It certainly seems like some part of ISON has made it through....although the fact that all the experts seemed to wash their hands of her makes me sceptical
  2. I see that was at 00:18, nothing more recent? Maybe only nightshift workers like me care
  3. Where`s all the clever people gone? No more updates?
  4. Hi! Just caught up with very entry in this thread, whats the best site for updates/streaming etc?
  5. Is there any website we can keep up to date with its progress, video, pics?
  6. Brilliant, just brilliant. Great advice, and greatfully received. I will try my best to let you know how I get on. I go onto nightshift tomo so will be stayin up later tonight, hopefully no clouds tonight! Cheers all!
  7. After about 3 weeks I`ve only managed to squeeze in 2 sessions with my scope, 130Q Celestron Astromaster. I`v got the stabdard 10 & 20mm EP`s and x2 barlow, although I have a 8mm BST on it`s way to me now! I`m looking for a bit of advise on what I should/could look out for on my next session, so far my extensive list of achievements are as follows :- the moon, and Jupiter I did print out a "moon map" and a list of moon targets to search for, this aside, can anyone else suggest any other rewarding targets? Thanks to all for help in getting this far! Shavy
  8. Thanks for advice people. I`ve went for the BST Starguider from Skies unlimited on ebay. Looking forward till delivery....and a cloudless night! Cheers, Shavy
  9. As title says really, best time to view Jupiter for maximum clarity? Cheers
  10. Thanks for the info Rory. Qualia, thank you, this info is appreciated. I`m most interested in planetry observation, after reading your advise I realise my scope has it`s limits. I`d still like to utilise my scope to get maximum potential. I see a 4mm (x163 mag) may be pushing it for my poor scope (unless as you say there`s perfect conditions) ....I do have a descent x2 barlow though so this was leading me to purchase either a 7/8mm EP, which I could barlow on the odd occasion if possible, is there any obvious holes in my plan or does this sound feasible? So, going on everyone`s advice I think
  11. Thanks for the link/recommendation Rory. So I`m guessing £49 is a descent enough price for that EP? All I need now is for the clouds to p*ss off! E-Bay can`t help me there though.
  12. So based on your experience Ronin, could you recommend the 8mm TMB Planetary for my scope? Kinda looking for some re-assurance here before I bite the bullet!
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