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  1. My very first image of the Orion Nebula! This is the first time I am actually happy about my tracking (we reached -15°C so my laptop died in no time, leaving the skyguider alone), about the data I managed to get (1.5h) and about the post-processing. So exciting! Taken from Hurdal, a place relatively close to Oslo in Norway. 91x60" ISO1250 - Canon 6D - Zenithstar61
  2. Thanks @Nebula! I'm on it, although my level doesn't even reach B1 for now, but will definitely get in touch with them!
  3. Hi all, So I used to live in Greenwich, London, where the Flamsteed Society was based, and thanks to a marvellous group of people (if any of you is here: hi!), the many very enjoyable nights using the Great Equatorial Telescope at the observatory -or at least getting to know a bit more about it when conditions where not as good, which was almost always to be honest-, the planetarium, and the ridiculous amount of specialised shops, I got very keen on getting out there with my camera, binoculars or whatever app I had on my phone to enjoy the nights. I moved to Oslo almost a year ago, and all that is pretty much gone. There's no Observatory I can visit as regularly as I used to do back in the UK, and not society as far as I know. Now, after getting used to the country and life in general here, I'm very looking forward to meeting new stargazers (or radio astronomers, which is also something I'd love to learn about) and take advantage of the incredible nature that Norway has to offer. So: Anybody out there? Cheers!
  4. kosmoplan

    I am back

    Welcome back Mike.
  5. kosmoplan


    Hi from Oslo, Leibek. Welcome!
  6. Yes, I am. At least, as Jim says, we have clear skies Thank you everybody!
  7. Not a good example of a dark sky over here, so I'll try to learn as much as I can reading the forum until I get far away from the city. See you around!
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