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  1. Thanks for the video link! I have finally decided to get the mercury 705 I'm sooo excited! I took all ur input into account and watched a couple of videos & finally took my daughters age into account and decided. I think this is the best choice for now and just wanted to thanks everyone for all your help! Thank you so much
  2. No not late yet. I have only just returned the Argos bought telescope and was thinking of purchasing the mercury 705. I think if she can view the moon and other planets then for now that will be enough...although if she needs a more advance telescope then I shall return to the forum in the future and ask for more advice lol! Although one final question before I purchase this telescope...is the view clear? ie when viewing planets such as Jupiter is it blurry to the point where it looks like a blob or is it clear enough to clearly identify it as Jupiter? Many thanks Ps- no promises that this i
  3. sorry one more thing- the 705- will that allow my kid to see the planets like jupiter, saturn etc also is it really fragile? what i mean by that is, will a slight touch send the telesope flying out of control. i know if she moves it u have repostion it again, but what i am trying to ask is will it flop. oh i dont know how to explain what i want to ask also we have a canon 5d mkii with a tripod. if i was to get a telescope with no tripod can i use any tripod for the telescope or does it have to be a specially designed for that particular telescope? so will the tripod work with the c90 or 130p?
  4. thanks everyone! ur right brantuk i will visit a local telescope retailer to see what is available and how thwy work too. i only wanted a telescope so that my kid look at the planets and moon etc i dont think she wants to look much further than that yet i appreciate all the help from everyone and i think the three everyone seems to agree on are: c90, mercury 705 or heritage 130p oh and brantuk the link is http://www.365astronomy.com/celestron-c90-maksutov-spotting-scope-with-backpack-p-1961.html?gclid=CNKkj-i_8LoCFU_MtAodNykAXQ oh and its £154 + p&p
  5. I found the c90 for £157 which is within my budget. So would u think this is a great telescope to purchase? Im really sorry! I just don't want to go out and buy another telescope and it be no good. I don't mind paying the extra but I want the scope to be good (if that makes sense!) I really really appreciate your help and everyone's help! Many thanks to all for their input...
  6. Oh and that's great information from everyone!!! And yes I am aware that I will be doing most of the work for my kid but I am optimistic that over time (a very long time) she will learn herself
  7. Hi the 90mm mak is that the skywatcher skymax 90 maksutov-cassegrain telescope? Sorry for the questions
  8. I suppose u have a point there happy-Kat however as she's never had a scope before I don't think it'll be an issue hopefully If there are any better upto £130 then I can easily get a different one Thank you for ur help
  9. Having looked at all the ones recommended I think (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the skywatchers heritage 130p that was recommended is the one I will go for one question I have is will I need a tripod for this? As its not in the description so wasn't sure if I needed to buy one of those too Thanks guys for ur help my daughters will be so excited when we get it! Please if any better ones out there let me know
  10. Thank you everyone for a quick response. In regards to the scope I have already bought I am more than happy to return it if it insufficient and basically no good. I have only bought it 2 days ago and have yet to open it Both the advice given is great. I really don't have a budget as I wish to get something that is both good and will last. But I would say £130 max if it was possible. I know she is 6 but I really wanted something that was easy and over time she would happily use it and then in the future would purchase more advanced scopes I will look at the ones mentioned and as I am inexperi
  11. Hi everyone! I've only just joined this forum and was hoping someone could help me. My 6 year old has been asking for a telescope to look at the moon/planets etc. I really want to nurture an interest in this for her by buying a good telescope that isn't the hardest to find the planets. I would really really appreciate it if someone could give me some great advice or point me in the right direction. Many thanks to whoever does. Ps- I recently purchased this one: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1228049.htm But am happy to buy something better if this one is awful
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