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  1. Hedging my bets, went for a star trail pic and got some small meteors. About 250 frames x 4 sec.
  2. This was on Facebook, " thousands a second at times " dispite pointing out the facts many people still think this is a meteor shower.
  3. Thanks Craney, lots of light pollution around here so need to keep exposures short. There is a lovely spot up your way near Brimham rocks ( east of the car park) where we camp on route to Scotland. Would be a great place for capturing the Perseids
  4. Nothing since I got these last Monday 6D2 in timelapse mode with 15mm fisheye cropped.
  5. Here's a video from last night taken with 6D2 and 15mm fisheye.
  6. Next time you try to take a photo of it try at 400mm & with a much faster shutter speed, you should be able to see some colour and banding then.
  7. Some of these Geminids are wavy, would that be due to density variations in the atmosphere?
  8. That was a bit of a rush job, here it is tidied up and cropped.
  9. About 2 hours of 6 second exposures, lots of light pollution here so have to keep them short.
  10. This is a composite of Geminids (& one other) from near Southampton recorded with Canon 6D2 in 4k timelapse mode.
  11. Saw this pair while watching for Geminids. iridium flare pair.mp4
  12. The 4k timelapse has distracted me for doing much ordinary photography with it. High iso preformance has been improved, 6400 is now usable (never used higher than 3200 on the 6D) and the extra pixels are very welcome.
  13. Last night we went to the New Forest on a Perseid hunt as it's the darkest area around here. I setup my 6D2 to take 4k timelapse and got a great Perseid on the first frame, hour and half later and not another in the field of view! Still it only takes one to make me happy. This is the frame unedited.
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