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  1. But wouldn't Wouldn't the Flats and Darks get rid of the noise? im guessing when it's stacked the darks are used as the base image which is why most images bring out the stars.
  2. I'm going to use this as an example so highlight the area's which i have done wrong. Target M42. 1. Setup during the day what target, 6pm take flats ISO400 about 4 secs exposure. 20 Images 2. Take Dark Flats ISO800 - 15 secs subs - 20 Images < Lens Cap On 3. Test Target M42 with camera facing West-East due to it's wide field view. - Align goto scope ensuring that it's polar aligned to avoid field tracking to much. 4. Capture image - 50 images 5. Take Bias Frames - ISO400 1/8000 - 20 images 6. Take Darks - ISO800 - 15 sec subs - same temp - < lens cap on 20 images 7. Take Flats - ISO400 4 Sec Subs - 20 images < "Light Box" Finish Session.
  3. Ok, I think I get it know. Google is my friend. Bias Frames = shortest exposure on the lowest ISO possible (the quickest shutter speed 1/8000’s) normally with the cap on. (50 bias frames) Darks = same exposure, ISO and temperature < outside temp of when your taking images normally taken after you finished your session (is this also taken with the lens cap on ?) (20 frames) Flats = Normally taken during the after the setting sun before stars are visable or a light box, ISO isn’t crutial but you can use the same ISO short exposures (20-30) So people normally do the flats before the darks during the session.
  4. lol no, but im sure google can help. my understanding if im reading it right. Darks = Same exposure length in complete darkness and temprature as lights??? where is the complete darkness taken same temprature??
  5. Thanks for this, What does it mean when people talk about dark's in an image? is that a image taken with the lens cap on so that i can be used as the background i.e. 0 noise? first of all how do you guys normally do it? understandibly there are limitations as most DSLR's can do upto 2 min exposures where i can only get 15-30 secs. So my current setup is F4.5 < this varies on the zoom ISO1600 15 Secs Auto Lamp on < this im not sure about??? Stablisation off < this causes issues with the camera taking the pick as the stars are so faint it tries to focus on it. quality > 16mp 4.3 ratio.
  6. Sorry guys im trying to get a better image of M42 but there seems to be alot of noise, im using my lumix lz20 , iso 1600 with exposure of about 15 secs. its about a zoom 15x on prime focus. is there any way to tweak it?
  7. OK thanks I have ordered a Tube rings from FLO, I'm guessing in regards to where you place the tube rings will be the center of gravity i.e. you put it too close to you this would strain the motor and guidance whereas you move the Tube Rings up the scope slightly the weight would be more central. Ta David
  8. Thanks When i set the camera to Manual there is a exposure value at the bottom of the LCD screen + to - Example. ISO1600 F3.6 1/60 I'm new to this so does the F rating and the setting mean adpature settings and shutter speeds? How do i set this to 15 secs exposure? The manual isn't very helpful as it only give's you a brief overview of what exposure is but does not tell you the settings, leaving you more confused than before of how you get it correct. Thanks David
  9. Hi All I know own a SLT 102 Goto Scope and from reading various forums there are limitations due to the Alt/Az Mount. i looking at getting a tube ring to piggy back my Camera. I currently own a Panasonic Lumix LZ-20 Bridge Camera, and tried reading through the not so great instructions of how to set the exposure to the limits. From reading the specifications the shutter speed is 15 - 1/2000 secs? im guessing thats 15secs to 2000 thousands of a second? There are various Focal Lengths which one would i need? the current iso setting is 1600 is this correct? I want to start with an easy object M42, but 15 secs of exposure won't capture that much detail i assume. Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks David
  10. Thanks for this, Which one on the FLO website would be compatible? ta dave
  11. Good Afternoon, I own a 200p Dob and brought a Panasonic Lumix DMC LZ-20 and was wondering if anyone knows what adaptor i would need to attach to the scope. i believe it's a 3/4 thread but i am not 100 % sure. Am i also correct that this would be afocal instead of prime focus? if so what would the quality be like for example Orion Nebula? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks dave
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