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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5k5n0lfm53tov0q/IC434%20.1.TIF Does this work?
  2. also pictures were taken ISO 800, 1600, 3200 all between 30 - 50 secs
  3. if you could that would be great, I use a Canon 1100 D unmodded This had already been stacked through DSS with Flats, Darks, Bias
  4. i have the same scope how on earth did you get the nebulea to stand out??? this is my pic, the issue i get is with levels and curves, once i increase them there is so much noise. iv'e heard that you can use the dropper tool!? is there anyway to increase nebulosity without increasing the overall image? the max i can get is 1.10 - 1.15 min exposures 1.20 mins then the images start to trail.
  5. The horse head nebula this is a object i am trying to improve on, i took about 12 darks and 10 bias, out of about 10 shots i had about 3 which had trailing. i was hiting the limit of my scope at 1.10min exposures on an slt 102 skyscan. this was adjusted through photoshop, so would flats and more darks help bring out the nebulosity?
  6. just out of curiosity what exposures did you take?
  7. not bad for you first try, http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/203310-1x30-sec-subs/ tried processing it but it's difficult, you need about 20x30 sec subs also set the iso to 3200 this will help capture more of m31. 6400 will be too much as you will see alot of noise.
  8. What a great image, so much detail compared to mine. the one thing we learn is the limit of exposures, originally i was doing 10 sec with no star trailing now im up to 30 secs with an aim for 60 sec subs. M42 is my favourite and the challenging horse head nebula which i trying to get.
  9. Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, Had a window of opportunity last night between 1.30 - 2.am, iso 1600, 3200, 6400, with exposure from 15-25 secs. wind was the main issue. images were processed though DSS with no dark, flats or biase frames, alot of gassian blur was used to bring out the core with no to much curves
  10. 20 x 15 Subs ISO 6400 Processed through DSS, then levels were adjusted through Photoshop.
  11. Hi Olly, It certainly is spent hours last night trying to get the best image, you can curve the image alot more then you get too much noise. Would the OII Filter help reduce the blue noise?
  12. This is my first attempt at the Flame Nebula, definitely a harder target to capture 15s Exposure on a unmodded Canon 1100d ISO was set to 6400 SLT 102 Skyscan Used gimp curves to bring out the redness
  13. Ok had another try using Photoshop
  14. Hey Guys, This is my second attempt at M42 using curves. I am happy for people to alter this.. Ta David
  15. M33 Widefield ISO 6400, Canon 1100D 19s Exposure unguided, used curves.
  16. Piggy Back on SLT 102 SkyScan Canon 1100D ISO 1600 x 45 sec exposure Just ordered the T-Adaptor so hopefully get the M42, this is when the fun will begin...
  17. Hi, Well I finally got the canon 1100d for 269 quid Had an opportunity to have a quick go last night. Trialled some Darks, Flats, Bias ISO 1600 45s ex I adjusted the curves and level what do you think?
  18. Yeah, At the beginning of the night i would be ok, then midway through a session it would throw a wobbly and wont take any exposure images even at iso100. May be a temprature issue or dew within the focus? when i try Autofocus on jupiter it couldn't focus properly i ended up raging and finishing the session. I'm looking at the Nikon D3100 which is DSLR
  19. My camera cannot get used to the exposure, the camera tries to autofocus and cant take a picture
  20. Ok it's clear outside again, so i'm going for another prime focus shots. it seems my images are not in focus. Polar Align, take over 30-40 shots of the M42 then darks, then flats. Already have my bias frames.
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