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  1. Awsome image Tried last night and failed due to cloud very frustrating .....
  2. I wanted to do the cone nebula but need the longpass 495nm Filter to get rid of most of the CA with my scope. However the Skywatcher Quattro f4 Imaging Newtonian is the scope i want, when i have the funds that is!
  3. It's just on a standard goto, Saving up hard for an HEQ5 Pro & APO Scope, eventually the SLT102 Will come my guide scope
  4. Opps wrong way round M37 & M35
  5. Hey Guys. Thought of getting some clusters, due to Fog. Couple of subs on ISO800 & ISO1600. Enjoy M35 M37
  6. I am doing the some clusters tonight M35 & M37 should be easy targets. fog is early tonight 11pm.
  7. Hey there, Luckily enough i have a Serial to USB adaptor, i was thinking of a 10meter USB cable with the 4 usb connections not the greatest ideal but better than running in and out the house the check the images are processing.
  8. What i need is a long/Wireless USB hub. All Connections go into the hub, with the wireless dongle in the Laptop.
  9. It's a simple goto, untill i upgrade to the HEQ5
  10. Hey Guys, As the post says is there a way to control the camera and goto scope wirelessly? at the moment i setup my laptop outside and with my laptop and noticed that damage can occur if the temprature dropped below 0'c, at the moment i leave the laptop running over 2 hours whilst it takes pcitures so not the best route. What I am looking for is a simple setup and shoot, to all the normal procedures i.e. 2 star align and focus, then do the rest of the imaging in the comfort of my home, this will save in my laptop getting damaged. Security wise - a webcam should suffice?
  11. Last night was worth it, 2 hours of data of IC 443 but my oh my hard target or what!! Tried both OII and HA filters just can't get the nebulosity. Also had a problem with my laptop, does anyone get this problem that if it's too cold it stops responding???
  12. Awsome image, love the colours. Wish I had a portable dob, that would make things easier
  13. Hey Guys, This was definitely a harder target to capture, image processed as follows 15 x 60 secs ISO 800 15 x 60 secs ISO 1600 30 x 60 secs OII 30 x 60 secs HA I believe that more nebulosity would be better on longer exposures but limited with a goto.
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