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  1. Hi Ron , thanks for the compliment
  2. Thanks for the compliment
  3. Ya, man ! That is actually the Running man nebula
  4. Imaging telescopes or lenses: Takahashi FSQ 106ED Imaging cameras: Canon T3 UNMODDED Canon 1100D (T3) Guiding telescopes or lenses: Takahashi FSQ 106ED Guiding cameras: Canon T3 UNMODDED Canon 1100D (T3) Software: Deep Sky Stacker DeekSkyStacker, The Sky6 , Maxim DL , PS TheSky6 , Maxim DL , PS, Images Plus, Photoshop CS 6 Photoshop CS 6 + Lightroom 5 Resolution: 4272x2848 Dates: Jan. 11, 2014 Locations: Langkawi National Observatory , Malaysia Frames: 2x30" Integration: 0.0 hours Avg. Moon age: 10.08 days Avg. Moon phase: 77.17% RA center: 83.783 degrees DEC center: -5.449 degrees Pixel scale: 2.004 arcsec/pixel Orientation: -108.249 degrees Field radius: 1.429 degrees
  5. BTW , this is actually my 1st astrophotography. Hope I get some comment for this
  6. The last few days , my astronomy professor had bring me to the Malaysia National Observatory or Langkawi National Observatory to learn on how to do Astrophotography and image processing. This is one of the image I took during that time and this is my first time using my DSLR to capture a deep sky object since I join the astronomy club in my university for 2 month plus.
  7. thanks for the comment ! I am quite new in photo shooting , astronomy and also photoshop I think as time passed by I will able to learn more about all these ! Haha , I wasnt notice that his star are not in focus !
  8. Btw , my senior shot with Nikon d5100 , while i shot with Canon 1100d. He shot with 200 exposure of 20s / f8 / ISO 800. I shot with 299 exposure of 15s / f5.6 / ISO 800
  9. Dear brantuk , Thanks for the comment , I am still not satisfied because when I compare the photo shot by me and my senior on the same day , still didnt understand why my color tone is less concentrated. Actually I just get my camera and right away the night I shot all this photo. This is what my senior shot at the same day.
  10. I am using canon 1100d 18-55mm kit lens to do this star trail. The place I live is Malaysia ( Asia ) I do this by my university`s senior guide but it still doesnt really make me feel very good. Pls give me some comment on how can I do better for this. ISO 800 , f5.6 , 15s
  11. Hi , I am from Malaysia ( Asia ). I am currently using celestron 10x50 binocular. I get to observe M42/M43 , M45 before this and currently searching for Andromeda. What should look for next after Andromeda ? M45 is really beautiful under my bino
  12. If the comet is survive , how can I get to c it ? Any direction or guide for me to find it at Malaysia , George Town ?
  13. I saw Jupiter with its 4 moon last night in Malaysia ! That was awesome !
  14. Thanks for the advice. I am studying on it now !
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