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  1. I know technically binoculars make more sense... that's why I'm seriously considering it. It's just, telescopes are so cool! What would be the mimimum you'd want to spend on a pair? I googled the brand you mentioned and there was quite a price range... "My first telescope was a Sky-Watcher Mercury707 (I still use it). It's a great little refractor so long as you look after it. I love it! I'm not saying there isn't better out there for your price range but if your on a tight budget this may leave you with enough for accessories. " It does look good! A less expensive model to learn on might be
  2. Wow! You've all been so helpful! The post where you directed me to "what you should expect to see" was very eye-opening and so useful. In fact everything has been really useful! I wasn't aware it took so long to get a good view. I'm quite impatient and have unrealisic expectations... He's a lot more grounded... The truth is you were so helpful I panicked and wound up telling him my idea. He does want a telescope, and was thinking of getting one once we are settled in a place of our own and have a little more money. He thinks seeing fuzzy little blobs IS really cool- I was worried he'd be let d
  3. Thank you, and I have seen that they are highly reccomended, however with a telescope he could set it up, find what he was looking for, etc, and it would be easy for others, like me, to just look through the hole and see what he's all excited about. Also, he'd want to try and take photos through the lens, which I imagine would be easier with a telescope. It's also a Christmas/Birthday present and a pair of binoculars just isn't as cool, even if it would make more sense to those of you who do this as a proper hobby. Thank you for trying to help though!
  4. Hello, I really need some help. I don't understand the latest technology never mind all this jargon related to telescopes. So what I'm asking for is for one of you lovley people to tell me in simple terms, which telescope to buy. It's a christmas present for my boyfriend, I'm looking to spend between £90-£130. We live in Surrey, England so the amount of clear nights and lots of artificial light probably makes stargazing difficult? I don't know if certain telescopes are better than others for town gazing??? I will take it camping to wales quite a bit, where I know a great place for a pitch b
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