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  1. Hoping for clear skies soon...!

  2. Just to update you Neonblade...I use Sat Track on Android and Gpredict on laptop...sat track is a freebie but has a buy option (no ads) and Gpredict is completely free.
  3. Neonblade...all you need is a program to tell you when the ISS is due over...
  4. Thanks all...I am shooting in raw and using Lightroom for conversion...fine tuning was difficult...the ISS has had a few long/high passes in the NE lately...
  5. Hi Leveye, unfortunately for most of the time we were on location the moon was behind us being a complete pain...! I can't really go any higher on the ISO without introducing a lot of noise, I'm only using an entry level DSLR and high ISO shots aren't it's strong point, but I will try to see what comes of it. Thank for the advice much appreciated
  6. Hi all...been too long since I last posted (been a busy guy), but I did some Astro photography the other night using my Nikon D3100 with Tamron 18 - 200mm, f3.5 ISO 1600 30". All comments/criticism/help greatly appreciated...the location is Grove Rake mine just to the West of Rookhope.
  7. DennyT

    Grove Rake Astro shots 06-08-2014

    Selection of shots taken with my Nikon D3100 either on or off telescope. Any extra details will be posted
  8. I was looking at a 130mm reflector in the next few months and seen FLO do a Skywatcher and Celestron within the price range I'm looking at (one comes with a motor drive) then maybe move onto a Dobsonian depending on how much space I've got...
  9. A fellow North Easterner...a big Hello...!
  10. Cheers Andy...it came as a very welcome surprise as it was mentioned at the last public show I went to at the planetarium 2 weeks ago, the guy who gave me it said he rescued it from a friend who was throwing it out...!!!! Heinous...!! anyway, it will surely get some use out of me and me and Weeman (my 6yr old) did a little bit tonight, looked at the Moon and was happy with the amount of detail I could see, especially when I put the 9mm EP in...!!! Managed to get the Andromeda galaxy in the 20mm eyepiece which I could just make out before having to go and pick the Mrs up from work, was lookin
  11. DennyT

    Denny's Astro pics

    General pics of goings on with Astronomy with myself and friends
  12. Hoping for clear skies tonight...!

  13. Thanks for the welcome... Just been perusing the forums and found a list of 5 "targets" for me to locate with my scope...M31, M45, M42 and M27 then the easier stuff...Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars...might try for Uranus and Neptune too if the skies are kind and I'm out at the right time...
  14. Forgot to mention I'm using a 900x70 refractor (freebie) with 20mm and 9mm eyepieces...
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