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  1. Looking for a camera mainly for Solar/Lunar work.

    Equipment will be a 4" F7 refractor,and a Daystar Quark,which will push F-ratio to around F30.

    Will the ASI 120M be a suitable option? (i use that for guiding at the moment).

    Failing that,i have been looking at the 174M,178 and 290.But not a clue which would be best!





  2. Just purchased the the above camera,and intend on using it with Sharpcap. Can anyone familiar with this camera give me a few basic settings? I’ve read unity gain is around the 120 mark. Also,am I right in thinking that with it being a cooled camera,I could start building a dark library within the comforts of the house? 

    Thank you  in advance.




  3. The 115 triplet is very tempting,at around 8kg, + finder guider,reducer and hypercam,should just be within the limit of my mount??.Although the 102 at 5kg will pose no such problem,easier to handle and guide.Will sleep on it me thinks!

    Thanks all for the replies.






  4. The camera i use at the moment is a Altair Astro 183C hypercam,the fan cooled version,but eventually/hopefully,the Pro version,which i could then set the cooling point.I also have various Nikon DSLR's (D300S.D90,D7200),as my other hobby is Aviation photography.

    I'd say im in a average light pollution area,and use a moon and skyglow filter at the moment.Still waiting for the weather to clear up before i try a UHC filter.Also,at some point in the future,id like to try Narrowband.

    Main interests are Galaxies,the wide field images i use a D90/lens combo.



  5. Currently imaging with the above scope (and pleasantly surprised with the results),on a HEQ5 Pro.

    My imaging time due to houses,trees,hedges etc is around 2.5hrs if im lucky!

    Therefore,am i right in thinking a faster scope would enable me to catch more data? The ED80 is around 6.4 with the reducer fitted. If so,any suggestions? Budget around 1500 max. Bearing in mind the imaging weight of the HEQ5 is around 9kg depending on which site you read!



  6. Hi all. When i try to stack my images in Registax 6,the final image has no colour to it at all.

    I capture the frames with Sharpcap (latest version) and a ASI120MC camera. The original picture shows some colour,

    but alas, the end result is rather disappointing. Settings were

    [ZWO ASI120MC]
    Debayer Preview=On
    Output Format=AVI files (*.avi)
    Capture Area=640x480
    Colour Space=RAW8
    Discard Split Frames=Off
    High Speed Mode=On
    Turbo USB=68(Auto)
    Frame Rate Limit=Maximum
    Timestamp Frames=Off
    White Bal (B)=53
    White Bal (R)=73
    Auto Exp Max Gain=50
    Auto Exp Max Exp M S=30000
    Auto Exp Target Brightness=100
    Mono Bin=Off
    Apply Flat=None
    Subtract Dark=None
    #Black Point
    Display Black Point=0
    #MidTone Point
    Display MidTone Point=0.5
    #White Point
    Display White Point=1

    Thanks in advance.




  7. 163678253_10_2000fr.jpg.20062aa51ff5fcdeb4016f2fcd5e1d7e.jpg  Beast 10% of 2000 frames stacked in Registrax,captured with Sharpcap. Not used the 120MC before,and after a few attempts,with the laptop crashing/freezing/blue screen of death etc,managed this image. Any advice on how to get rid of the 'grid lines'.Also,i read somewhere that there is a maximum time limit for imaging Jupiter,due to it's fast rotation,i think it was 2.5 minutes? For some reason the lines don't seem to appear on this image! And the the focus could be a lot better.



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  8. 17 minutes ago, Nova2000 said:

    Did you just get your mount and scope? 

    It's a good image. I think the focus can improve 

    Sorry for the confusion,i have had the mount a couple of years now,normally with a Mak 180 on it.

    I got the ED80 at Xmas,so i could try some imaging.The mount has been re-located on a permanent pier,hence the rough polar alignment.Still got to get the ST80 and GPCAM to work with each other,then try guiding with PHD2.Well,that is the plan anyway.haha.




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  9. 20x180sec exposures,with around 12 dark frames.Just a quick polar alignment,as i couldn't wait to try it out!

    Doesn't help with there being a street light in the vicinity,but thought i would give it a go.Was rather hoping for something a little better.The mount is a HEQ5/ED80 Pro.




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  10. Success at last.Have managed to get the ED80 and ST80 to focus on the Moon,and marked the focus tube for future reference.I then got some of M45 in the eyepiece with the ED80,GPCAM in the ST80,where it will 'live' for the foreseeable future.I then started Sharpcap but couldn't see any stars.I'd read somewhere,that stars should show,without having to alter the focus??.I presume it must be something to do with the settings,but didn't know where to start!.I then opened up PHD Guiding but nothing showing there either.Any advice regards settings for either,will be greatly appreciated. 




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