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  1. Had a fantastic time at SGL9. Many many thanks to Daz and the organising team. Great venue and looking forward to coming again. Hopefully weather will be kinder next time. Thanks again. P.S Hello Ron
  2. 250PX Dob, C8N with CG5-GT Goto for imaging and a 127SLT Mak for Planetary....and a 1100D DSLR unmodified and finally a Lifecam Studio for Planetary Imaging. See you there.
  3. Thanks Rik, that would be great!
  4. Would be interested in knowing how to collimate my 127SLT MAK which got dropped a few months ago due to not tightening it up correctly on its mount. It seems out! :-) the newt and dob i'm also bringing I think I know how to do correctly but do also have a question about certain shapes generated by the cheshire collimator.
  5. The key to staying warm is having completely dry clothes to change into before going to sleep. If you sweat (i.e feet or hands) then you may want to bring some standard cotton socks and gloves and change immediately before bed. I do alot of night fishing and have camped during some cold nights (admittedly not as cold as -17 :-) ) but I've learnt a few harsh lessons from it. I will be camping in my fishing bivie which is 1.5 man shelter. I am already counting down the days to this event. It is my first star party!!! I will bring a standard tent just incase I think it would be a better option.
  6. Firstly big thanks to Daz and the rest of the organising team!, I'm really looking forward to meeting you all. Hopefully we will get some clear skies at night time, otherwise, it will be a pleasure chatting to everyone and seeing the presentations.
  7. Tried to purchase a laser collimator and red light torch from them on the 18th Feb. Still not received the items and after no response to emails, unfortunately, have requested to cancel the order. I'm patient, but if a shop can't be bothered to at least notify you if a problem has occurred with the order so you can prepare a longer wait, then I can't be bothered to place my custom with them. Harsh I know, but thats the world we live in now!!
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