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  1. Nigel. I have no idea about how to alter current or even test it aha. I have tested the voltage of the battery and fully charged it's about 12.8v. Sporadic, I didn't realise twisting the wires would be the problem. I'll try a proper crimp n see how that goes. I have tried again recently and it still seems to drop in power then go back to normal now n then. My goto does get abit off but I think that's because my two bright stars are close to each other vega and archisomething as they are the only viewable ones from my garden
  2. Well to join the spade connectors to the DC wire I used a wire from an old 35mm projector that already had them n snipped them off. Then I twisted them to each of the DC wires and wrapped some insulation tape round them it fits on the battery snug and the socket is 5.5 2.1 + as recommended by celestron
  3. So I have a nexstar 5se and have been looking into power sources for when I go to my dark site. I opted for a sealed lead acid 12v 7ah battery as this is what is inside the skywatcher power tank. I got a celestron dc cable an wired spade connectors to plug straight into the battery. I plugged it into the mount and it worked but then during moving the scope it lost power now and again. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or my mate gave me a naff battery. I've ordered a 500mah charger to see if it needs charging and I've also ordered a volt meter to test the battery. As you can tell I'm quite new to electric powered scopes as I've had dobs in the past. If you require any more info or pics I will happily send them
  4. I tried to do this today, I wen through every single setting and didn't find anything with that option
  5. +1 for after stargazing live. I did the same thing and sold my 200p just after, before it aired they were going for about £150-190. Mine sold for £240. I won it on eBay for £117. I did spend about £25 on the lazy susan mod but still a nice profit
  6. Hi, sorry for the late reply, its some kind of film, it works really well too. I also found a piggy back mount in a box too no problems as of yet, I have just installed new firmware on both handset and motor control but not had chance to test it out yet. It's a massive improvement from my 8" dob though hehe
  7. Well I've just got home and skies are clear so I think we all know the answer to that. I found out when I unpacked everything it came with due shield, sun filter and an attachment for DSLR too. Happy days (or nights should I say) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. After looking around it seemed like a good price so I went n got myself an early Christmas present Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Im after one and just finding out about prices. I've seen one for £400 with a power pack. Does that seem fair? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Say you won the euro millions £100mil. You buy a helicopter a custom built telescope and permission to build your pimped out observatory anywhere you want in the uk. But 'Hmmm where to put it'
  11. I was catching up on sleep this morning ronl. Glad u had a good morning
  12. So I finish work late last night, as I stepped out of my car I looked up and thought 'sweet, no clouds' so I set up the 200p dob in the back and let it cool for an hour. First I tried doing a star test but found the viewing was only average and didn't even get any clear rings, I was quite upset as it would be the first time viewing mars and saturn. Anyway I decided to go ahead and chuck in the 10mm and pointed to mars. I could just make out the ice cap after a struggle focusing but not much detail so a few minutes later the 6.5mm came out to play and the smile on my face got bigger. Again after a few minutes trying to gain focus I could make out markings too. I tried to stack it with the 2x barlow but conditions made this worse so decided to conquer saturn. I could see a star very close to the moon which according to star walk was saturn. So first I slid in the 25mm and tried to get a view of them both together but they were just a little too far apart, but as soon as the ring came into focus I instantly forgot what I was doing and the smile on my face soon went from ear to ear. This time I stacked the barlow with the 10mm and wow… I was gobsmacked, it was beautiful, the division in the rings was quite hard to focus no matter what mag I used but I was still glad I stayed up until 3am. I managed to get a quick snap with my smart phone which isn't the best but to me means the best observing to date.
  13. Really nice images. I was just wondering how are mars and saturn looking through the eyepiece? I'm having to sell my 8" dob before the end of the month and have never seen them before, so will be on the next clear morning
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