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  1. Has anyone had a go with a 12 inch Revelation dob?
  2. They do, should still mange 400 quid I would have thought
  3. Portability is a bit of an issue it has to be said. I live in a delightful if small cottage with an equally small shed. I have done just about everything I can do with refractors and small Newtonians, I need more photons!
  4. A couple of hundred quid I would think john, I was thinking I might get 700 quid for the scope and what is a very nice tripod, what do you think?
  5. The time has come to buy a large scope, 12 inch , perhaps 14. Gentlemen , your recommendations based on the second hand price of my current outfit please.
  6. An 8 inch is very doable on your mount
  7. It depends if you can handle diffraction spikes, they still annoy me sadly. I'd buy the ED120
  8. Patdon? Is it just me ? I have no idea what this thread is about?
  9. The ED100 is a fantastic planetary scope. Like John and Shane say the 120 is the one to go for if you can afford one. If not the 100 will not disappoint, I have owned both.
  10. I have always been tempted by a Mak Newton. Personally I would prefer a Intes micro should I go down that route. Skywatchers certainly do the job and good value they certainly are but unfortunately they do have all the joy and appeal of a toaster
  11. Mine you my old Europa wasn't a bad scope but you can't compare these with the latest models
  12. John is right the old ones had a few issues. The new ones have no peer, the RR of Newtonians. No other mirror set or primary cell comes close. I would have no hesitation in recommending one or buying another, my little difficulty was not the fault of OO. The focuser is not a clone, its the same focuser as steeltrack re badged
  13. The scope is amazing the focuser was the same as a steeltrack, its Baader I don't trust, over rated poor quality stuff on the whole. I have had there stuff fallen apart before....beware the baader zoom
  14. 3 hours of hell later and its fixed, maintenance of that kind is not my bag
  15. I have attempted to take the focuser off without success, it's totally beyond me, I "ll end up trashing the rest of the scope, a nice little project for someone, it's going
  16. How many moving parts are there? It's a bearing and a small brass nut I have
  17. I have a a nut and a washer, how many should there be?
  18. I have just spent a fantastic evening observing Venus early doors followed by various fuzzy blobs and some the best views of Jupiter I have ever had, absolutely top draw stuff, what you would expect from 10th wave optics. So after what I would have thought was an execution nights observation I was just a little disappointed to discover that after bringing my scope inside that my focuser had fallen apart. My one and only scope as you can see is a OO VXL with a re brand Baader Steel track. It at first refused travel in or out before dropping a washer and a nut inside the tube. One of each. I am convinced that there are more bits inside just waiting to ruin my mirror, what in the name of God do I do now!
  19. Excellent solar eclipse viewing right up to totality before the clouds made a excellent solar filter, phew I got away with it!
  20. I put a moonlight on mine, expensive but very nice indeed.
  21. On a different topic the sky is clear and blue here in Norway, an ED100 would have made for a decent piece of hand luggage
  22. I am no fan of changing kit either. I have the kit that suits my needs and my life, and I am sticking with it. I know some folk find shopping for astro kit a pastime in its self, I actually find it quite stressful to be honest
  23. I concur, it is a little scary the first time mind.
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