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  1. Newton's affects us more directly in daily life, while the effects of Einstein's are not that easily apparent. And I don't mean useful, just 'apparent'. So I'd prefer something that connects them both, better--perhaps as a first step to quantum gravity or something? But if you connect them like Capricorn did, it's a different story altogether.
  2. I don't get it (at all.) What do you mean by 'the big bang just happened?'
  3. So, as I get it, you're saying there was always mass, no matter how far in time we go. Only, there were no stars or other celestial bodies as such.
  4. Kind of over my head too. Sadly I haven't read Dawkin at all. The three books are next on my list. Perhaps we are the only ones knowingly being uncooperative. I find there are many organisms being unknowingly cooperative; to en extent, even humans. But that's where it all ends for (most of) us.
  5. OK, so this might be a silly question: supposing I'm very (many verys here) far from a galaxy I might not experience a g.lensing at all? Now if that (above) is correct, we might not be able to identify black holes that are like really far away, would we? Because we would notice no g.lensing.
  6. So, clearly, there are other Universes? And ours is just one among many. Then what was there before all that? Did each universe have a different beginning or did they all start off together and then somehow split up?
  7. Know that one Paul. B-e-a-utiful A big sorry for that! The link I wanted you to see is here. Is there no way I could probably get this post - at least the last bit - to the top? For the benefit of other members?
  8. Math it is Paul. I lose my temper at times but I guess that's how Math is for many :-)
  9. Most of you probably already know about the conspiracy of a cosmonaut in the 1960s. For those who don't, or want to refresh their memory, here's a link with an audio file allegedly containing the radio transmission recorded by the Judica-Cordiglia brothers of Italy. I'd like your comments on it. Link is here
  10. You may be seeing more. Probably a certain star is a considerably HUGE red giant now compared to what it was thousands of years ago.I suppose that wouldn't make a HUGE difference; but the possibility is there nonetheless.
  11. So, this effect is present not only on the axis, but also on the orbit itself? Then definitely this can this be observed in the orbits of the planets around the Sun too.
  12. Could you please explain that in more detail? I don't quite understand why they move. Will this not be true for Jupiter's and Uranus' rings too?
  13. Like lightning and thunder, only, a lot more unbelievable.
  14. Hold on, I don't get it. How would you connect the age of the universe and the distance between celestial bodies?
  15. vhbelvadi

    Hi everybody

    Hi, Paul, and welcome to SGL - you probably liked watching this forum for a year, but you sure will like being a member here, more.
  16. Interesting question, and I'd like to know the answer. Will have to wait till George returns! I'll keep doing some reading till then.
  17. Interesting indeed. This was a 2008 discovery, was it not? Physicists are saying it may be a remnant of the motion which occurred as a result of inflation, and because we (obviously) cannot see that time (of inflation) in the universe, we are not able to see the matter that is causing this dark flow either.
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