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  1. Now Gone. Very Disappointed I couldn't go as I heard great reviews
  2. I have 2x Tickets to See Professor Brian Cox Live at the Cambridge Corn Exchange This Friday 25th November at 19:30. I am unable to attend so both tickets are up for Sale. Retail Price is 32.50 for each ticket but open to offers close to original price Don't want to see them go to waste. Collection only from Ely, Cambridgeshire or can travel to cambridge area to meet before show. Thanks Nick
  3. I was thinking of a case for my skywatcher 130 and thought one of those hard travel cases for golf clubs could do the trick if you padded it out inside with foam, It would protect the scope but at the same time its on wheels for easy transportation .
  4. Good Review I have this telescope and this review sums it up nicely.
  5. thanks for info. So if looking at something like a planet does this mean you would choose a smaller degree number in the apparent field of view as you would just want to concentrate on one object? rather than a star constellation.
  6. when looking at discussions with eyepieces what does the degrees mean, some are 60 degrees some 70 etc, is it a case of higher number more you see or does it relate to view quality. Will this figure have an effect on the comfort to your eye when viewing?
  7. have just started getting into astronomy so prob would be a good way to improve knowledge.
  8. yes there is! just looked it up may go along to one of their meetings.
  9. Hi I am a bit further north of Cambridge in Ely :-) Nick
  10. thanks for advice! especially with the camping matt dew shield idea Nick
  11. ok cheers will give it a go with the main cap off.
  12. Should probably add if large cap is meant to be off is there an increased risk of dew problems in colder weather.
  13. Hi Got myself a Skywatcher Explorer 130 with an EQ2 Tripod for my birthday last month and being new to astronomy have a really basic possibly daft question to ask. The large dust cap on the end of my telescope do you remove this for viewing the night sky or do you just remove the small cap on the big cap. I have been doing some moon watching last week with just the small one removed with some very pleasing results. Is removing the complete large cap going to make the picture even clearer or make me see further. all advice appreciated. Thanks Nick
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