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  1. Be warned though Jake, you will never see a bad review of these scopes and the Russian optical quality is uncomparable with anything else! (They are the Rolls Royce of Mak Newts)!
  2. Many thanks Jake. yes I love these scopes. This is my second one and they are very reasonably priced on the second hand market for some strange reason? Regards Barv
  3. Sorry I should av posted it, - A ZWO120MC. Thanks for asking
  4. Hi all and Merry Christmas! I got this image of jupiter and Ganymede on the night of the 10th December. Stacking done in AS2 with wavelets in Registax. The scope was an Intes Micro MN86 Deluxe. (8" Mak Newt). I welcome your comments. Thanks for looking!
  5. Thanks Bosuser. You should get similar with the Edge 11HD. As you know I have the same scope but prefer the 8" Intes for the brighter planetary stuff because it visually appears marginally sharper, mainly due to the reduced central obstruction.
  6. Many thanks for all of this Stuart. It is indeed very clear and helpful. I will take notice of your advice and hopefully things will improve somewhat. Regards Harvey
  7. OK Neil, many thanks for all of your help. I'll wait for some other comments.
  8. Hi Neil. The capture was for 2min 47 seconds at 112fps. Works out around 18500 frames.I used AS2 for the alignment so unsure of how many frames in the final image. I have winjupos on the pc but not used it. I guess if I did longer captures and maybe lowered the gain settings and de-rotated in Winjupos it would help? Tell you the truth, learning that program looks a bit daunting! Is there a limit to how long the capture should be Neil? Regards Harvey
  9. Hi Neil. That is an awesome image. I guess that the final stacked image before wavelet sharpening was very clear. I don't know how you get that kind of clarity. I have recently posted my best effort on the forum so take a look if you don't mind? It is a lot grainier than yours! Any tips would be gratefully appreciated. Keep up the excellent work Regards Harvey
  10. Hi Guys. I'm fairly new on here so thought I'd post something. Image was taken with an Intes Micro 8" Mak newt at F15 using a ZWO120MC camera. Best of 5 runs that evening. Hope you like it? Thanks for looking.
  11. Hi Guys. I thought that the lens cover was AR coated?? Did you all get a seperate IR filter then? Cheers
  12. It doesn't come with an IR filter Knobby, just so as you know.
  13. Hi Knobby. I have one of these cameras and have used it with a Baader 685 which is a long pass filter. I have used this on an Intes Micro Mac Newt to good effect. These are great cameras Knobby of that point I'm sure you'll already know. I have had some successful images with it. Hope this helps but if you want to know anything further please let me know. I attach an image of Uranus taken through that filter in an attempt to get some detail Regards Barv.
  14. Barv


    I had to re-register as I forgot my details Richard. I used to go on this site quite a bit so will be uploading my profile shortly! Looking at the red image it deffo looks like something going on in the middle so well done for that!
  15. Barv


    Can't understand your comments Stephen, the original post was about planetary detail on what I thought was a cracking Image! The wrong colour image simply doesn't compare in quality nor clarity! It's great and unusual to see such a clear image of the ice giants. Well done Richard!
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