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  1. Hi Guys
    Some reasonable seeing on the night of the 12th, although a bit breezy. I took some long runs on Mars at maximum altitude. It's amazing the reduction in size of the southern polar cap since I started imaging this back in September.
    There is now further detail beginning to show in the northern cap.
    Best wishes to you all and stay safe!
    Regards Barv



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    Hi Guys,
    Here is a mosaic taken by separate captures on the morning of the 14th September. I managed to capture the tiny moons Phobos and Diemos,- (just 12km diameter). I autoguided on the planet using PHD2 using a separate 20 second exposure, and combined the images in layers using Gimp. Details of equipment is on the image. 
    Best Wishes


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  3. 7 hours ago, astroman001 said:

    Superb image. well done. great clarity and colour. Image cale looks large, what barlow are you using?


    Thanks Peter

    I was only using a 1.5X barlow. Image scale was increased in processing, which I did because it would stand it. Thanks for the compliment



  4. Hi

    That's a very tidy image. Conditions were pretty good generally last night with no jetstream around. You can go further in these conditions but you'll need to use that barlow I'm afraid. Some form of focus control is pretty essential with something like F20, but patience doing the focusing is key here.



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