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  1. To infinety and beyond, as quoted by Buzz Lightyear. LOL
  2. I added a few additions to my setup this christmas. First I added a telrad, as I wanted to use the finder bracket for an autoduider. Next I converted a finder I had around to a guide scope. I got a used DSI cam to use with PHD to pulse guide. All this and I still have not yet got out to video at all. However I did test the guide scope with the dsi to to make sure I could focus and pick up stars. Happy to say the DSI picks up plenty of stars rather well, and no issues reaching focus. Can't wait till I have a free night to test all this new gear out!
  3. Ever considered the astrotech at72ed? What a fantastic scope for the money!
  4. I built the CNC router myself. See my homemade DOB thread, as it was made with the CNC. I actually made the CNC to support all my hobbies. I have many..lol
  5. Here is a quick diffraction image of polaris to test. I think it would work better on a brighter star. But regardless, it seems to work fine.
  6. Today I decided to make a bahtinov mask for my new VRC6. The mask just slides inside the tube and rest on the secondary. The mask pops in snug to the scope cover for storage (as seen in the pics). I cut this out of 3/16" abs black plastic on a CNC router.
  7. Well the curse set in and the clouds rolled in. However I was able to video the moon for about 10 min. I also toot a glimpse at m42 through the clouds before it got too thick. I did take a few 30-40 min exposures of some random stars just to test tracking. With my poor 2 min alignment stars were nice and round at 40 sec. So I'm happy about that. Looks like the next time I will get to test is at least 2 weeks away FOV with a .5x reducer was pretty good. The entire moon (plus some) is visible in the FOV
  8. OTA is here. Can't wait to test it out!
  9. I have not heard any comparisons of the AVX vs HEQ5 yet. The HEQ5 is superior to the old CG-5 mount, but this AVX is far beefier than the CG-5. So time will tell, I think most are happy with the AVX so far. I had a CG-5 that I used for astrophotography with a 72mm ED refactor and it worked great. I'm sure the AVX will do better with a larger payload, we shall see. The VRC6 OTA is only 11 pounds, add on a small autoguider and cameras will still be less than 20 pounds. Maybe a bit much for 10 min subs, but perfectly fine for video. Time will tell, but I think I will be happy.
  10. Just wish I had an OTA to put on top..LOL
  11. looky what I got in the mail today. Now just waiting on the OTA from Rock.
  12. Well in that case you can just adjust the tube length on the skywatcher tubes. No cutting necessary, as it slides in and out The focuser is fine, it should serve you well. Just don't expect to hang heavy binoviewers from it while fully extended out.
  13. I don't know of a way to install a 2" filter with this setup, maybe others may have a way. As for the focuser, I have the same exact one. Its a decent focuser with smooth movement, but it will sag with very heavy eyepieces or bino viewers when fully extended. But I have had zero issues with this sagging from my mallincam. Its no moonlight, but it is leaps and bounds from the cheap focusers most of these dobs ship with. I think you would be happy with it. Just be aware if you shorten the trusses, you will not be able to get regular eyepieces into focus anymore. You may want to see if you can order spares! so you can switch them out when you want to do visual. What dob do you have by the way?
  14. On my 10" truss dob, I had to shorten the truss tubes by a full 3" to achieve focus with a .5x reducer. If your dob is the truss type this is easy, but if its a solid tube you may have some difficulties. A low profile focuser may help, if your close.
  15. Well I decided on the VRC6, Hope it provides good views. I will have to save up for a mfr-5. I have several regular .5x reducers which should get me by at 684mm FL. This is slightly slower than my 10" dob at 617mm FL with a .5x reducer. I would like to get it a bit lower, and I think this is possible with the MFR-5, as it says in specs it will go to .3x. Can I increase the distance to sensor with a standard .5x reducer to bring it down to say .4x?
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