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  1. http://www.theguardian.com/science/gallery/2015/apr/21/hubble-at-25-the-best-images-from-the-space-telescope?CMP=share_btn_link Lovely set of images from the guardian on Hubble.
  2. Nice I missed this thread. Great images on here, and the CCD images shows what huge difference is possible. These are some of my Humble pie DSLR attempts <Click on the images to see them full screen.>
  3. Great stuff, I love it when a plan comes together
  4. If you want proper dark, head across into the ashdown forest. There are many areas just off a small lane where you can setup right next to your car.
  5. Gav nice image, but your colour is off, you missing wads ofblue. see peters m81. even my dslr rendition has more blue. won't pretend to know how to fix this or why its happened.
  6. Appreciate the sentiment, it was done in jest, to draw attention to the level of effort involved in both pieces. Both are fantastic contributions to amateur astronomy.
  7. Hey guys, This image is 10 likes behind the 45 hour andromeda. http://stargazerslounge.com/best-content/ Surely 400hrs deserves the top spot ! Come on like it if you like it!
  8. So this is interesting result emerging here. A modified DSLR colour balance will be heavy in the red spectrum due to all the added HA. Now even though I colour balance in DSS and select modified DSLR, it is still red heavy. I must say I like the Unmodded colour rendition with the white showing up in the center. i.e Graham image. My Image has the white, but it is overwhelmed by the by the HA. I have been playing in PS with my colour balance to see if I can correct it. This is another attempt at processing, my curves may have been abit to aggressive as I have clipped some back ground to kill n
  9. Don't know how you do it, but you get the most amazing single sub images
  10. Nice, I like the colour balance on your image ... I think I may need to reprocess mine as I have all red (probably due to the HA mod to the camera.)
  11. Great work Brent ... some tips to avoid darks. 1.) create an bias master based on ISO and Temp. (changes at 5c) 2.) Take images using dithering (APT has this option, I use it with PHD2) 3.) Set dither on 2 or 3 and then stack on cappa sigma with sigma at 2 or 3. 4.) Get the SW 0.9 comma corrector, it reduces and flattens. Good luck ... My efforts for comparison and colour matching.
  12. Nice, nerve racking stuff opening a camera Many threads online about how to do it. ... I chickened out and got Jaun from Cheapastrophotography to do mine, but he live in kent and I in sussex.
  13. Cannon 600d baader astro modified and a astronomik clip in light pollution filter.
  14. Hello All As we approach the end of the winter season, I have only managed to get 3:30 hrs on the Rosette. Now this tardyness has been mostly my fault as much as I wish to blame the weather. I have had the opportunity to image rosetta, but squandered my time on others. (some of which are throwaway really.) I am slowly learning that my best images are the ones I turn into projects over multiple nights. Anyway, here is the beginning of my Rosette project with my ED80 at 210min. Now I want to push this up to 600 if I can, but I am not sure what more it will add and if it is worth it. So if you d
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