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  1. can anyone tell me why my stars are this shape. I know they trail but there is also a bit of an offset. What may cause this ?
  2. Thats interesting Phil, I got onto canon and they said there is no drivers for W7 and a 350D, think they were telling me porky pies....
  3. I use windows 7 and canon does not support drivers for 350D and W7...Think they are trying to get me to buy a new camera....
  4. Thanks James, I also think I have issues with my intervalometer and mirror lock up on my 350D. I used the self timer on the camera as learned on the net and it took 30 1min subs, with mirror lock up, no bother at all. But when I set it off doing the darks it threw a wobbler for want of a better term. Sometimes the mirror locked up other times it didnt, the shutter opened but never closed, it just seemed to go haywire. I think my camera is on its last legs....
  5. Is it adequate to just put the cover on my 200p when taking dark frames. I ask because when I left it running taking the dark frames slowly shot by shot the burning image of andromeda started to appear in them. Should I cover my set up with a blanket or somethig ? Thanks in advance.
  6. How did you get all of the galaxy in your field of view. I have the same set up as you but in the fov calculator on the web it shows andromeda as far to big to get in the fov although you seem to have managed it ?
  7. That is the exact same setup as mine, same motor as well. I will do this mod and see if my problem goes away ( I think it just might ).....Thanks again.....Geoff
  8. I used my 350 d for the first time last night on my SW200p. The problem is the focuser would not move with the camera attached. I have an auto focuser on my scope. I loosened the grub screw but the difference between moving and not moving was fractional and it was either very loose or tight. Has anybody had this trouble and is there a fix for it please...many thanks....Geoff
  9. Thanks guys, very good answers and suggestions as always. Hope to be out tonight for my first attempt......Thanks again......geoff
  10. Is it worth using the mirror lockup on my canon 350 DSLR when taking subs. I have now got an intervalometer and wondered if there was any reason as to use the lock up. Also if you do use this function does it alter the exposure time or is it done automatically in the camera..Many thanks...Geoff
  11. Does'nt it make the moon 3 dimensional instead of "flat". And to watch the stars appear as it progresses was beautiful. Another cup of coffee now....
  12. very nice....I am looking through the gaps in trees...
  13. I used that aswell Peter the eos utilities but it does not work on windows 7 64 bit. I realise you can make virtual os on other systems but I have trouble turning one on...LOL Will just have to save up and get a more supported camera. Thanks for your help.....Geoff
  14. Thanks Peter, can you tell me if I can just plug a usb cable from my 350d to my computer to use DSLR Shutter. I have no serial port on my laptop. I am asking before trying in case I damage something by plugging it in.
  15. Thank you all, I have plenty to go at there, much obliged......Geoff
  16. Thanks for your help, will check them out....regards geoff
  17. Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. I have a 350 d canon camera and cannot at the moment afford to upgrade. I run windows 7 64bit. Canon has abandoned users and do not have a driver for this, and the software i.e. BYE and others are not an option. I want to sit in my shed whilst imaging and I have my set up all extended cable wise to do this . the only problem is controlling my DSLR camera. My webcams are fine, just got usb extension leads. My question is this, if I have an intervalometer can I extend the cable to about 8 or 10 feet. And if so would I have to make it myself or can I purchase one somewhere. Hope this makes sense....Regards Geoff
  18. I to suffer from the same problem. My brain I am afraid will just not hack it. In the end I made my system in to a goto and have never looked back. Having said that I still look at sky maps all the time (usually because it allways rains here ) and learn were everything is supposed to be.
  19. My scope is balanced but it can literally be weeks were I live for a clear night so I leave it set up in the home position in the living room ( her indoors is quite ok about this and frankly has me worried )!! then on a clear night I remove the tube, then the weights and lift the mount outside. I do have marks on the set up to allow me to get it almost there before I balance and align. The reason I asked the question is whilst sitting watching TV or whatever in the living room I imagined the stress on the RA bearing and the threaded piece of the counterbalance shaft on my EQ5 mount . But if you knowledgeable people out there say it is OK then that is good enough for me. Thank you all very much for your input. By the way William I feel for you .....must have been horrendous
  20. Thanks for your answers, much appreciated......Geoff
  21. Thanks for your answers, much appreciated.....Regards...Geoff
  22. I know this may sound daft but is it recomended to leave the counter balance weights on a scope whilst being stored awaiting a clear night. There is a lot of weight pushing down on the shaft and I was wondering if this could bend it at all. Thanks in advance....Geoff
  23. Thank you guy's will look into these two suggestions, much appreciated
  24. when I was on Windows XP I used EOS Capture but since going to Windows 7 64 bit I can no longer use this as it is not compatible. My question is this...Is there any remote capture software for my camera that is free. Its not that I do not want to spend money but due to the lack of it I have to prioritise what I get for my hobby. It seems to me the best solution is to change my camera but if there is anything out there that I can be getting on with until I can do that then I would be most greatful for a pointer to it....Thanks in advance...Geoff
  25. What a wonderful picture. So sharp and bright, it's like decending in a luna lander.
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