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  1. I am thinking of altering the mirrors in my telescope to turn it into a Periscope, because, if it does not stop raining here I think I am going to need one. Got up the other morning looked out of the door and saw Jupiter, went for my bins and when I got back to the door it was raining. I was only gone a minute. I am a patient person in general but I have not has my scope out for three months now and it is starting to get to me. I dont have a permanent set up so an odd hour here and there is no good to me. Well, I have got that off my chest now, can only hope it will clear up soon but I am not holding my breath ( unless I end up under water that is ) but at least then I can use my new periscope........
  2. you need to send your e mail address to enable the link
  3. Sorry for the delay Daz, my computer has been away for repair. No is the answer. I am knowhere near at the moment but that said I have had little time lately to try anything. Hope after christmas I will get to grips with it.
  4. Thank you all. I will search for the manual and give it a go...Many thanks ..Geoff
  5. Thank you that makes sense to me now. I will now just have to get my head around phd..... .......Thanks again....Geoff
  6. Is the guiding option in eqmod a stand alone application or does it need something like PHD aswell. As far as I can understand (which is not a lot ) pulse guiding is done in eqmod and st4 is done through another application. If it is different then I would be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance...........Geoff
  7. I am no expert but I had this problem and fixed it by asigning a com port to eqmod ( apparently you have to do this ) and sticking with it. On the driver there is a little icon like binoculars that will search for the com port number for you. As I say it fixed mine but I am not very handy with these things but I am sure someone else on here will point you in the right direction if that does not work...Regards....geoff
  8. Some lovely images with your 200p Alexxx. I also have a focuser like the one in your link, it is brilliant to use. How long were your lights in the north american nebula its such a beautiful picture. I tried this last week and although I was happy for a first attempt yours has so much detail and mine did'nt
  9. Thanks for the link. It is just what I needed.....geoff
  10. My 200p has about half an inch of inward travel left when focused to infinity with my canon 350D. My only bit of advice would be to get a Bahtinov mask . God bless him whoever he was.
  11. I have a 200p with a Canon 350d. 1000 mm f5
  12. I know there are allways variables to contend with but can anyone tell me what exposure times would I need to take pictures of stars. I have been trying 30 second subs but the stars seem to burn out and loose there colour. Or is it just a case of suck it and see....thanks in advance.....geoff
  13. The chap on the video said something about changing settings in EQMOD that will populate boxes in PHD2 with the relevant info. Can you set it in PHD2 or will EQMOD override this,
  14. I have just watched a video on youtube about PHD2 and I think I can get my head around it but the confusing part is what EQMOD has to do with it. Is PHD2 not a stand alone program ?
  15. Thanks for your help. I will spend the rest of the day trying it all out, once again many thanks.......Geoff
  16. Hi, I am very new to this so please be patient with me....I am going to attempt using PHD2 autoguiding. I have an astroeq interface for my goto and use CdeC as my planetarium software. My question is this, Do I need to do anything in EQMOD when I am using PHD2. or, is EQMOD just the carrier of the ascom drivers and has nothing else to do with the PHD2 setup. I have read up on the net but I am finding things a little confusing at the minute Thanks in advance....Geoff
  17. I also have trees , I have a zenith and thats it.....lovely colour in your image............Geoff
  18. Out of this world, awsome, stunning, excuse me while I find my thesaurus as I am running out of superlatives. If they were any better they would be no good at all !!!!!, so crisp in focus, how on earth do you get your images that clear. I managed to get the red spot on Jupiter last year, you have got the red spots on saturnian teenagers, incredible Geoff
  19. It helps me very much, thank you very indeed......Geoff
  20. If it's possible, can anyone tell me what software I would need to just plug a USB camera into it and be able to guide with that camera ? I use CdeC and an astroeq box to enable goto on my EQ5 mount. I have looked on the internet but everything seems to need adapters and other things and I was wondering if there was another way to do it. Many thanks in advance.....Geoff
  21. The focus is magnificent, how do you focus if I may ask ?
  22. I saw a video on you tube of an australian guy making a focal reducer with a lens out of an old pair of binoculars. Is it this simple or is there a snag to this ?
  23. As always,a mine of information on this forum, Thanks very much....Geoff
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