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  1. Thanks to you all for your advice. Just had two nights on the run of clear skies and now the weather forecast is for perpetual cloud again. When it does clear I will try to get it to work with a filter and colour adjustment. Once again many thanks....Geoff
  2. James was it showing a colour cast with a filter in it ?
  3. Thank you Peter, is this just this camera as I changed to a phillips webcam and that was ok with no filter in ?
  4. I used my Microsoft lifecam camera for the first time and I got this magenta colour cast on all the avi's. Has anyone else had this problem ?
  5. I am no expert but everything changed for the good when I got a Bhatinov Mask. Focus is bang on
  6. Well Oddsocks it worked a treat. Ran the file through PIPP then put it in registax and all was well. Don't know what has happened as I have never had any trouble before although come to think of it I had a massive update from windows the other day, maybe it was something to do with that ? Thanks once again....Geoff
  7. Thank you oddsocks. I will follow your advice and let you know how I get on . many thanks
  8. Hi, wonder if anyone can help. Just taken some lunar shots with my phillips webcam and when I run them through Registax 6 I am getting Range Check Error. It has never happened before and as far as I know nothing has changed. When it does happen I have to go to taskmanager to get out of it. What I did notice was when I stopped it with taskmaster the image left on the screen seems to have loaded the avi file into the window on the right in registax but the program has froze. Thanks in advance...geoff
  9. Thanks for the pointers guys. I am going to get a cheshire although a collimating cap works well. My laser is slightly out but not by much. I also use tape around my camera and laser to shim them to make sure slop is at a minimum. I have just noticed one of the vanes was twisted slightly. Dont remember seeing this yesterday so I will start from scratch again and see what happens. It is constantly raining here so I have nowt else to do with my scope....
  10. what got me was the amount that it was out of collimation. The secondary mirror,the primary mirror. I thought someone had been in overnight with an Allen key and a screwdriver. I used a camera in the focus tube, a collimating cap and a laser to collimate and it was perfect. Now it is miles out. I can understand it being out a bit but it was a long way out.
  11. Yesterday I gave my scope a collimating makeover, the works, everything possible I could do I did. This was done in the living room at a comfortable temperature. I left it bang on. Today I checked the scope and the collimation was miles out. The only difference was I have not had the central heating on today. Is it normal for everything to move as much as it did just because of the temperature difference, if so, where is the best place to collimate your scope ?
  12. Thanks for the very interesting and comprehensive answers to my question. They are very much appreciated....Geoff
  13. Thanks Guys, That is very helpful, much appreciated
  14. I have my home position for my mount bang on in latitude and longtitude. My question is this , how far could I move my mount before I need to recalc my settings ?. The reason I ask is my son lives about a mile and a half from me and I am thinking of taking my scope there sometimes as it has a better view. I have C de C which I use for goto in finding my targets and just wondered if anyone knew a safe distance before having to change things....Thanks in advance....Geoff
  15. Would'nt like to have to collimate that........
  16. Sir Patrick Moore did what he did, Carl Sagan did what he did and Brian Cox does what he does. All I know is that at one time or another each of them have said things that have kept me awake at night in total wonder. All of them were infectious. I have been fortunate because of my age to have witnessed each of them as they went along. SPM first got me interested, Carl Sagen got me addicted and now Brian Cox, with his wonderful youthful zeal has me more than snared, Hook, Line and sinker you may say. But if I had to pick one who has given me the most sleepless nights then it would be Carl Sagan....Just how can nothing never exist and just what is behind that wall at the end of our infinate universe....Back to bed for another sleepless night
  17. Hi, I have a phillips and a microsoft webcam can anyone tell me which setting to use in PHD2. These are not long exposure modified cameras and the only cameras mentioned in the list seems to be prefixed LX. I am trying to use one of them for autoguiding. Thanks in advance....Geoff
  18. Brilliant program tonight, never realised how big the ISS was....Marvelous
  19. The Moody Blues.......A Question Of Balance....no really....Its one of the albums I listen to....
  20. Well I think the show is to short. They are trying to please everybody and that can backfire. The humor in tonights program especially the helium baloons was very funny but with a serious message. I think the show will appeal to the bloke with a mug of tea on his back step wondering what its all about to the bloke with 2 grands worth of imaging gear in his little dome. We need more programs like this as we allready have the more serious S@N for those who dont like to trivialise our hobby. All in all I think the BBC have got it about right for the time it is broadcast. Well thats my twopenn'orth worth to this discussion....
  21. Mine is a very bright white light that flashes during the time out. I am sure it spoils some of my darks. I have to use it as with my intervalometer I cannot get the mirror lock up and start exposing to work without it...Having said that there is no need to use mirror lock up when doing darks is there. So, I can turn it off and adjust the timer to compensate to keep the darks the same length of time as the subs......Sorted....
  22. Thanks for the help guys, I think I will paint it black as this would be more permament. You would think though there would be a way of turning it off.....are you listening canon !!
  23. Does anyone know if there is a way of disableing the flashing light that comes on when the self timer is used on a canon 350d. I have looked on the web but cant find anything. Many thanks in advance....Geoff
  24. With no moon what would become of certain things. Like the song Moon River, it would become, Very Dark Night River, The Floyds Dark Side Of The Moon would become , Dark Side Of The Other Dark Bit A Bit Higher Up......The list is endless
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