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  1. can anyone tell me if you need anything other than the drivers to get the Microsoft game pad to work wireless with eqmod and windows 7. I have a wireless game pad and wondered if after plugging it in if there is an inbuilt wots it inside that would make it work or do I need something else. Many thanks....Geoff
  2. Thanks for that help. I have never had any trouble before. I first centrer the secondry using a webcam and collimating circles, then use the 3 screws to adjust the angle of the secondry but for some reason I just cannot get it to form a circle. It is quite a bit off, I have always got it spot on using this method but for some unknown reason I cant get it now. Back to the drawing board.....Thanks again....Geoff
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I am collimating my 200p and as I rotate the secondry mirror it never acheives a circle. It almost gets there but as it gets close it starts elongating in the other direction, never reaching a circle. I have never had this problem before but recently I removed the focuser and was wondering if it could be that Many thanks Geoff
  4. Thanks for the help, I think it must be collimation as this is the focus :-
  5. Can anyone tell me why my diffraction spikes look like this and why when zoomed in a lot of the stars have holes in them....Many thanks Geoff
  6. Breathtaking image. I can't think of anything else to say...........
  7. Hi Ben,I guess the Bee Gees song " The lights went out in Massachusetts " is no good to you then.....Welcome.....Geoff
  8. Thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated......Geoff
  9. This is my first attempt at a mosaic.Seven panes taken with a Philips 900 webcam. Stacked in AS!2 and sharpened in GIMP
  10. Thanks for the help, it seems canon can't do what third party products can do. Seems a bit lax of canon that....Aw well...back to the intervalometer...Thanks again everyone.
  11. Thanks Alan, I tried that and There was a message in red on the utility screen saying self timer is on with a question mark. I went back to one shot and that warning dissapeared but the timer was greyed out until I took it off mirror lock up. It appears this work around does not work on my 600D. Thanks for your help....Geoff
  12. I have just upgraded to a canon 600D and i want to use the Utility for timing my subs. It appears I cannot use mirror lock up, I was wondering if it mattered weather mirror lock up is used or is there a way of getting it to work. Thanks in advance.....Geoff
  13. It seems us 350D owners have been totally abandoned now. Will just have to upgrade my camera !!! . Don't tell her indoors....LOL
  14. Thank you Michael, very much appreciated....Geoff
  15. I know this is kind of an old question but I have just come across Astrojam tools for eos. As I have a 350D it would be the kind of thing I am looking for (free ) as the eos utility does not work with W7. Now, as it says on its websiite :- Note: Users with old models 350D, 20D and 5D have to rename file EDSDK_2_11.dll to edsdk.dll (rename contained edsdk.dll to edsdk_2_12.dll). This is the Canon interface lib and old models are not supported by the current version 2.12. What do I need to do for it to work with my 350D ? The file edsdk.dll is allready in the list of files that came with the program. Also EDSDK_2_11.dll is in the list of files. Do I just delete the latter or rename it the same as the other in effect creating a copy. My computing skills are rather limited so I thought I would ask before destroying it..... Also has anyone else used this utility and if so do they have an opinion about it. Many thanks ....Geoff
  16. Many thanks Chris, now the penny has dropped. I have had the white fov box flirting around the map to targets. Hopefully I am there now. Thank you once again for your patience Regards......Geoff
  17. Thanks Chris, Can I explain it this way 1 Start CdC 2 Select target and zoom in 3 Setup/Display Turn off circle presets. Turn off rectangle presets (stops cluttering screen ) 4 Highlite empty Preset and click compute button 5 Enter camera and scope settings and press compute 6 New preset my camera size. Turn on and highlight Do I now click Apply and OK. Because when I do, nothing happens, until I tick the mark centre of the chart. This is when the red box pops up and I can move this with the arrow buttons until I connect the scope then they wont.Failing this maybe you know of a tutorial for CdC which goes through assigning a fov rectangle for use with Mosaic. I don't like to keep bothering people. I feel I am just missing something somewhere....Regards ....Geoff
  18. No there is only one simulator showing. The co ordinates move after it says slewing to target and it says slewing complete but the fov rectangle has not moved at all. I am going to set it up with everything attached to my scope and try it that way rather than in simulation mode. Its just when I watch your video it is very easy to set it up by watching where the box goes simply by clicking on the grid and from there to the imaging sequence. In your video you say you cannot get the box colour anything but white well mine is in red, dont know if that means anything other than I have a different version than the one on the video. Many thanks again for your help....Geoff
  19. When I double click the mosaic grid the command to slew starts i.e. the voice says slewing to position but nothing moves at all. The only way I can get the fov box to move is with the tab keys. Just been trying it over M31 but I cant seem to get it to work. I have connected the scope as simulator both in eqmod and mosaic but to no avail. Sorry to be a pest but I am stumped...
  20. Thank you Chris. I have now found the fov rectangle but when I overlay this on the map it refuses to move when I change boxes in eqmosaic. I have only done this in simulator but I changed all the drivers to do this . No matter what I do the box does not move when I change positions in mosaic. I just dont know what I am doing wrong and any help would be most appreciated. Thanks Geoff....
  21. I want to use EQMOD mosaic but I cant fathom out how to put the FOV rectangle overlay in carte de ciel or indeed if its done using EQMOD mosaic. I watched a video tutorial but it teasingly omits this at the start of the video although it does mention about the colour of the box and how he does'nt know how to change that. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks in advance Geoff
  22. Thank you for your excellent answers to my problem. I will try a mosaic . I use EQMOD and that has a mosaic app. I shall get straight on to it weather permitting Regards Geoff
  23. Hi, I have a skywatcher 200p and want to image M31 . The FOV with this set up is to small so I thought I would get a focal reducer. Looking on the web though It seems that my f5 scope and focal reducers dont get on and It is advised not to do this. Is there any way I can acomplish this and are focal reducers no good for my scope ? Many thanks in advance....Geoff
  24. I found the scariest thing about washing the primary mirror was how tight to put the clips when reassembling. My mirror moved in its cell the first time I did it because I was tentative with the screwdriver. Had to take it back out and nip them up a bit more.....
  25. Thanks Niel. I will get myself an ir filter. By the way is an ir cut filter the same as an ir block filter ?
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