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  1. Thanks guys, your help is very much appreciated Kind Regards.....Geoff
  2. Is it ok to use a 4x or maybe a 5x barlow on my 200p with a webcam to image planets and the moon. It seems that a lot of people say it is to much, but to much what ? Thanks in advance......Geoff
  3. Many thanks for your help Kind regards Geoff
  4. Thank you for that guys, the only thing is I am not very computer savvy so to speak. Am I right in thinking I would change this in stacking parameters in the program ?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had come across this before. After stacking in DSS it starts to compute final image but just freezes a short way in. On the screen in the box it says... Computing final picture (auto adaptive weighted average ( Iterations = 5 ))............The program does not crash and in task manager it says it is running. But. when I move the cursor. the The box just dissapears and Dss is fine but no saved picture Thanks in advance for any help PS I am running version 3,3,4 on windows 7 32 bit
  6. Thank you for your help. Am getting giddy now waiting for a clear night........ Kindest regards....Geoff
  7. Hello there, can anyone tell me if this will work 1 Guide camera plugged in to PC 2 Astroeq, plugged into motors on my EQ5 and PC via usb. 3 PC running PHD2, EQmod, CdeC Do I need anything else to attempt to autoguide. I am a bit confused as to what else I may need, if anything. I keep coming across ST4 connectors to serial, ST4 to usb and I am not sure as to what to do. I am hoping AstroEQ will be right for the task of moving the motors during guiding. Thanks for your help Regards.....Geoff
  8. Many thaeoffks to everyone for your help. I think I get it now, enough to try when the clouds go away.......Once again many thanks.....Geoff Oh one more thing, is there any way to do guiding without a serial to usb adapter or serial connector. I only have usb ports on my laptop ?
  9. Thank you for your replies. So, if I still need PHD2 why would I want to let EQMOD have any input if you can do it all from the PHD2 software. To say I am confused is an understatement. As I understand it then, EQMOD does not take the place of a guiding program like PHD2, its just a convenient application.
  10. Hi, if I want to use EQMOD pulse guiding as opposed to st4 guiding do I need some sort of interface between my astroeq box and the computer. Or, do I just plug in to my pc the camera usb lead and go from there, hope this makes sense, I have watched the video on youtube but it does not explain how to connect your guide camera to eqmod, and indeed how it knows I have connected it to use the autoguide facility. Please forgive my ignorance. Regards Geoff
  11. Thank you for your help. The ISS is passing me at the minute but cloudy nights mean I cant do anything . Very frustrating.....but I will practice this method indoors. Thanks Again........Geoff
  12. Thanks for the reply. If I ciould just ask how you fired your shutter whilst manouvering your telecsope.
  13. Can I ask are the bottom two images stacked, or are they single frames ?
  14. Fantastic shots. I keep trying this but not much success with detail yet .......
  15. It has been many months since I had any clear nights here in the north west of England. I am afraid if it does not change soon my telescope will end up with the George Foreman grill and toasted sandwich maker, in a cupboard never to see the light of day again. It never used to be like this....did it ? Jet Stream !!! Wet stream I think......
  16. New pictures from the ISS are about to be shown at 9. 05 on the BBC news. From the glimpse of the teasers shown the light pollution looks spectacular ( as do the photos though ). Its an IMAX production and it looks breathtaking. The whole thing was filmed digitally and is being shown in cinemas and in 3D also.
  17. Solved the problem thanks. PS will not accept 32bit ( intger ) tiffs. They have to be 32bit ( rational ) tiffs. Thank you for your help....Geoff
  18. Thanks for that, I will do it now......Geoff
  19. I have a tiff image file of 140mb and when PSCS5 tries to load it it comes up with "cannot open file not enough memory" . Can I reduce the file some way . I have allocated nearly all the ram in preferences bit it still will not load. I have recently gone from a canon 350d ( wich causes no problems) to a 600d. Could this be the cause of my problem ? Thanks in advance...Geoff
  20. many thanks for your help ?
  21. sorry, the top one is my subs and the other is what I get after stacking in dss. Many thanks Geoff
  22. can anyone help I now have a Canon 600D and when I use dss this is what I end up with. I never had this problem with my 350d
  23. thanks for that I have no internet connection other than my phone so when I get it back I will download the latest version. Thanks again
  24. When I process a file I am only getting the central section of the image showing at the end. Everything either side of the image has gone. Has anyone come across this before . Thanks in advance Geoff
  25. thanks for your help ? . I have no internet at the moment but when it comes back on I will give it a go as I have to download the drivers. Thanks again
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