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  1. Thanks Munkie... I suppose I'll just wait until I see what else your telescope can do before I get one. As for Nebula, check this article out. It talks about observing Nebula with smaller scopes and in what season to look for them. I think once you see some of the pictures there, you'll soon be looking for them to shoot. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the book suggestion... I'll look into it. I'm not sure if the book makes camera and scope recommendations, but I'm pretty set with my camera and won't be replacing it any time soon. As for a scope, money is tight (baby due <32 days) and it would have to be something inexpensive. I don't really want to purchase the book if it's not going to account for astrophotography on a budget. lol. Anyway, I'll check it out and see what it provides.
  3. Nice shots, George. Regarding your telescope, how much further can you zoom in? Can the telescope do planets or nebulae?
  4. Ace McKilty


    Hi, I found your website by accident when searching for a telescope I am considering buying. My wife recently gave me a camera and I've been loving taking pictures of sunrises, the moon, star fields, etc. Naturally, I want to take closer shots of the moon and would like to expand into other planets and nebulae. So, first of all, does anyone know if the Celestron Nexstar 90GT can see such things? I believe it was Munkie who had purchased this-- what has your experience been with this so far? I know it's a cheap telescope, but like Munkie, I don't want to spend too much on my first telescop
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