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    'become the space wandering nomad species we should be?'* By 'should' i am referring to my own inherent bias towards the said premise, definitely not a purpose created by an omnipotent being. I do agree to the fact that we have evolved very well to our little blue marble, but we are a technologically adaptive species. With populations rising so quickly, the destruction of so many eco-systems and man made climate change. whats our next move as a species? We could try cleaning our act up but realistically is this going to happen in a short enough time frame?
  2. FeynGuy


    'The Cosmos is a magnet… Once you've been there, all you can think of is how to get back.'— Yuri Romanenko I believe as i assume many on here that the future of our species lies within space exploration. Could we allow the perils before us to render species extinct? Whether it be the near earth asteroids, or our own self destructive nature. Will we enter the realm of the extinct species or will become the space wandering nomad species we should be? I hope for the latter. What does everyone here believe our future ought to be or will be? Guy
  3. The camera is a Samsung PL221, Basically a cheap digital camera. Yeah i was just messing round with the settings and just couldn't manage to get the correct settings.. Guy
  4. After the crappy weather and nights where it was clear coinciding when i am busy, i have finally been able to get out there and take some pictures! Although it's only the moon i'm pleased i got something haha! I did try to image the Pleiades cluster with no motor drive and a simple digital camera, i have to say it didn't turn out too well. I think it's time to start saving the pennies for a motor drive and a DSLR camera. Although i may try some planetary imaging with an xbox cam in the near future! Guy
  5. Yeah, i still cant believe it myself! He came to Liverpool about a month ago to give a talk and afterwards he came for a drink with a hand full of us. Best night ever! haha Guy
  6. Thanks for all the advice! With clear skies last night i had to get out there, i managed to find the Andromeda galaxy after a good half hour of searching. Even though i could only see a grey smudge it was enough captivate my imagination, i almost didn't want to move off it haha. I think i'm hooked! Guy
  7. Everyone could learn something off this man even if it wasn't physics! A genius through and through. Thank you for putting all of these in one place! Guy
  8. Some great advice there mate thanks! Got out there before and managed to use the moon as a target to properly align the finder 'scope. But just as i was getting into the swing of things the clouds rolled in, looks like an early morning viewing session tomorrow weather permitting. Isn't life so much easier when everything is set up correct! haha. Guy
  9. I have no doubt i will be looking for any moment i can get out there between college and work. Most of the clear nights i have been looking up thinking 'i wish i had a telescope' haha! I'm in the lovely town of Bootle yourself?
  10. Absolutely stunning image, If my first comes out looking half as good as that i would be 'over the moon'!! haha
  11. I'm in college tomorrow, i hope i can resist tonight! Although a 5am rise wouldn't hurt haha. A 350p that's the stuff of dreams for me at the moment! How did you find your FIX? haha Yeah that's a great help thanks. I will get onto it right away, any excuse to play with my new 'scope!! Although collimation didn't seem too bad i think it may be slightly out, i think i will need to purchase a Cheshire Collimation tool as soon as possible..
  12. I finally bought my telescope yesterday the Celestron C8N and wow these are rather large! The excitement was difficult to contain, the grin on my face spread ear to ear all day long. Even the fact of the terrible weather couldn't dampen my spirits. After much careful thought i decided not to risk taking my new pride and joy outside to see the partially obscured moon. I wen't to bed still reeling with excitement, maybe an early morning gazing session will have more favorable weather than that of the day just past. I arose at 3am to see intermittent cloud cover and Orion the hunter staring back
  13. I'm based in Bootle. As luck would have it a fellow student in my college is a member who is willing to give me a lift this Wednesday! I have the chance to buy a Celestron C8-N Advanced series on ebay for about £300 with a set of celestron eyepieces, I don't know whether i should go for it or not as it ends tomorrow?
  14. Well the 'scope that has caught my eye is the Skywatcher Explorer 200p but i have seen a used celestron C8N Advanced Series on ebay, which may end up closer to my budget. I've went from a £100 budget too one that includes the skywatcher 200p at a push, my main aim really is to be able to produce some half decent images using a webcam possibly of the brighter DSO's. Am i going down the right lines? Thanks for all the welcomes, it's great to be able to speak to like minded individuals!
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