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  1. Hi Ian, I've got a S5600 too but Im having trouble finding a cheap clamp/holder...can you point me in the right direction. Ive been holding it v.patiently against the EP and holding the shutter down, but the information you have said here should help me, just need a clamp or something... thanks a lot Lee :saturn:
  2. Thanks Steve Ive got a very good idea what im looking for now. Cheers Lee
  3. Thanks for the posts John and Steve. The 8 inch newtonian with F6 sounds good, but I really would like the autostar feature, which I believe will increase my knowledge of the sky more rapidy. For this reason I was looking at the celestron SE range because ive heard good write ups about its allignment system. Meade autostar seems to have a lot of allignment problems...? So am I wright in saying mirror size increases resolution? what about the 5SE? Steve do you do discount on the SE range? Cheers Lee
  4. Cancel that, Ive just noticed you have them! horay! what do you think of them? do you do 10% off nexstar range for us? Lee
  5. Thanks for that very interesting...learning lots. also doing some telescope hunting. What do you think of this? http://www.telescopes.com/products/celestron-nexstar-4-se-47522.html I like it, a good FL and F number and good allignment feature for autostar, quite reasonable. Steve you have any of these?+ what do you think? Lee
  6. Steve, Thanks for the instant feedback on that fellow devonshire hobbit. Yeah I want to look at deep sky objects and get involved with the astroimagery side of deepsky objects too. Thanks for the info on the F no.'s. So high F numbers would normally have catadioptrics? Thanks for the website ill have a browse. Cheers Exeter Lee!
  7. Hi all, Hope everyone is keeping well. I have been progressing with knowledge for the past year and Ive grasped the basics of my telescope but am getting to the point now where resolution is starting to annoy me. I have a celestron EQ114 scope aperture4.5", F/1, 1000m FL. I understand that magnification is the focal length divided by the EP no. but what does the F/1 mean? is it EP max aperture? so the bigger the better FOV at distance? please help me on this one, as I am thinking of upgrading to a daddy scope, maybe the Meade ETX 105EC range? also views on the ETX scope would be appreciated.... Also steve have you got special discounted rates for SGL members? Lee :venus:
  8. Thats is an awesome video to really put things into perspective! I feel so small and insignificant!! :shock:
  9. Hey guys, Moon shot here, see what ya think. cheers Lee
  10. Hey guys, I got an hour slot through the cloud to get a shot of Venus. I used 1000fl/10mm EP barlow x2 and 5MP DSLR. Enhanced clarity on photoshop. cheers enjoy Lee :moon: :whip2:
  11. Hi all, Havent been on for ages, but caught some good shots of the shadow moving over last night. Not bad for DSLR by hand through the EP. Enjoy Lee
  12. sounds like a laugh....he he..they need to be woken up round here!! Ive just bought one of the brackets for it from telescope house...I want minimal error! http://www.telescopehouse.co.uk/page.aspx?theLang=001lngdef&pointerid=E949772425714142913A741ADAEE4054 :stars:
  13. ermmmm, I've just bought one too, having not read the comments from this thread...oops. I got a 10mW intensity, they'll think its an alien invasion in Exeter!!. Maybe ill go up to dartmoor with it...hmm
  14. Ive read up on these, and they sound good. They said that 5mW is plenty for the night sky, has any one got one? how effective are they? and do they cause a lot of disturbance? lee
  15. OK thanks i'll try everyones method. I was using a 1000mm/20mm. 50 x magnification....is that too much? cheers for the help hows saturn at the mo? clear? im north facing
  16. thanks for your views, I think Ill try it again next week without the full moon!!! let you know how I get on... Ill try and get it with my 10mm. Ive only got the Celestron 114 compact. But Im liking the feel of it already. damn :moon:
  17. Heys guys, Im am trying so damn hard to get M31 in the scope. I know it is inline with the knees of andromeda, about the same distance away the knees are from each other on the same side as cassiopiea, but I cant locate at all. Everyone says you can see it with binoculars....I cant! I know it's the biggest galaxy, and thought it would be easy to spot. Can someone give me some pointers or some stars to look out for...it's easy on starry night ....but when im outside I cant see it. Would light pollution be a big threat? :saturn: without light pollution with light pollution
  18. that book looks good, might have a read of that. Im reading Michio Kaku's 'Hyperspace' at mo. time travel and dimensions and that. Has anyone read Ronald Mallett's theories? check this out http://www.physics.uconn.edu/~mallett/main/main.htm
  19. Steve I have about a 2 hour slot in the garden before it goes behind my house at the mo. Went out every 15min to check cloud cover 8:30 - 9:45 was terrible but after about 10pm there was a clearing. Wanted to try and catch M32 with binos as well direct above moon at 10pm...but was too cloudy. Wow good enhancement James. Thanks a lot. Ps : I used a 10mm lense which made the FOV so small for mobile lense...took a alot of patience. I then resorted to a movie on the mobile and paused it on the good frames and print screened, save as jpg.
  20. Hi all, I was out tonight and thought id try out my moon filter worked well and got some shots from my mobile, worked ok though!! attached below. Cheers Lee
  21. bl9au

    viewing m31

    Thanks for that image, its really helpful, my starry night is only enthusiast 4.5 which hasnt got that function. The pro version is a little too expensive for me at the mo. :saturn:
  22. bl9au

    viewing m31

    what lense did you use for that? 10mm?
  23. bl9au

    viewing m31

    Hi Anthony, The skies are quite dark as im on the edge of exeter and theres nothing around for miles. My house garden faces north and thats where its darkest to the north and the east. Im ok with terminology but Im not sure if I fully understand focal length....mine is 1000mm=f1 whatever that means? Ill have a go looking for cassiopeia clusters, m13 and m31 (through binos). How exciting about saturn (my fav planet) when does it come into view? I have starry night 4.5 and its great and helping me out a great deal at the mo but i will see the astro mag. well its cloudy in the west tonight so not a great deal here. cheers for now Lee
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