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  1. here are the 2 test files I received from Nikon Owners Magazine (D5200 and D7100) all ive done to these is increased the Highlights and Shadows to +100 and increased the Whites and Blacks to +50 this was only to highlight the AMP glow in these images. As you can clearly the AMP glow on the d5200 is in the bottom left corner and spreads but faids across the image but the d7100 amp glow is still there but its more evenly distributed across the image having less of an impact.... So disappointed in my self for not going the full hog and getting the d7100 when I was looking but im just hoping the new D7*** series comes out with the Tilt screen and ill jump in for the newer one. Hope this has been informative. D5200 by Ben Irving Photography, on Flickr D7100 by Ben Irving Photography, on Flickr Thanks
  2. AMP Glow D5200 by Ben Irving Photography, on Flickr
  3. that didn't really work but it will allows you to download it
  4. <iframe src="https://www.flickr.com/photos/b12vjn86/15679898675/player/" width="1067" height="1600" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. Never done this on this forum before but does it have to be on flickr before it can be uploaded?
  6. Hi hope you don't think I'm cheeky but could you possibly try using this program on one of my images and see if it works on a normal photograph??
  7. Gino Arcari Firstly sorry for the long post….. and just to put it out there m mainly a amateur photographer who has a slight interest in Astro so only just started getting around the night sky and imaging it mostly wide field but I do have unlimited access to a Skywatcher Adventurer Mount for tracked stuff any way…. I’ve searched and search and search for a solution then came across this Thread eventually someone else who bothered by the problem. I think its cause it’s not noticeable during normal photography which is my main focus but I have been doing some night time, star and milky way photography lately and that’s where I’ve encountered the problem. Just a few points to add to the discussion hopefully it will shed some sort of light 1. It is in fact amp glow … some previous Nikons were terrible for it and it looks like this model is also one of those. 2. Introducing dark frames does reduce it but doesn’t remove it completely …. (That’s what I’ve found so far in testing … But I’ve only been taking 1 photo then 1 dark with the lens cap on and deducting that) 3. Increasing time between photos doesn’t help at all because it’s there from the first image on a cold night 4. I’ve had someone from Nikon Owners Magazine helping me with my tests and sent me some tests results from a d5200 and d7100 ….. The results are quite amazing….. From a photography point of view I’ve always liked the d7100 but it’s just been slightly out of my reach so as the d5200is so close in comparison I went for that and I like the moveable screen for those funny angles…. Anyhow in summery the Amp glow on the d5200 is prominent in the bottom left corner of images but from the d7100 the amp glow is spread right across the image making it less noticeable to the eye, so for a better night time camera if it’s possible upgrade to the d7100 otherwise the amp glow from the d5200 will always be there, ill try and post 2 dark images later with the amp glow increased so you can see my results. And finally I haven’t heard of or tried the plug in previously mentioned so will be trying that so thanks for that…. I know I’ve went on and on but I hope it’s been some kind of help
  8. Morning all just want to say I attended the SAS Event they had on at Washington last night and it was amazing really busy lots of people and lots of scopes out to use! Also a big thank you to any of the members who stood around all night and let people use there scopes was a real eye opener So any one from SAS Thanks
  9. Thanks for the tips really need a couple of clear nights off the belt to keep trying hopefully I get there sooner rather than later
  10. Evening all got a Meade ETX 70 for Xmas just as a toy as I'm only learing read the instructions and had a little test with the go to but couldn't see anything at all so has any one got any tips for setting up????
  11. I'm a real beginner and i use Scope Nights, Nightsky 2 and Star Walk I've checked the prices out for the ones listed about and all do about the same as Star Walk
  12. Ok thanks for the tip I'll keep my fingers out and make dam sure the Mrs does she was dien to get in there and clean it! Yeah it's second hand and my first kit well I'm not sure there just the standard Meade eye pieces suppose I could make do then see if new ones are needed at a later date
  13. Evening all just took deliver of my first telescope a Meade ETX 70! Havnt used or tried it just checked it over couple of minor things ..... I hope! The rubbers in the eye pieces have worn and split can they be replaced?? Also looks like a small amount of dust is on the mirror?? As if your looking down the hole where the eye piece would go. What's the best way to clean it?? Thanks
  14. Only just getting in to star watching and astronomy but made the effort to go some where local and dark last night and went home speechless at what we saw!! Really could do with these more often ...... If only
  15. Luckily my rooms in the loft pulled back the blind to reveal the clearest night sky I've seen in a long while and I'm just using my naked eye ..... So jealous of people with telescopes tonight hope you all enjoy
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