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    Recently retired school teacher. Enjoy photography, woodcarving, painting…. and astronomy. Interested in learning as much as I can about the night sky.
    Have a pair of Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binocs.
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    SF Bay Area
  1. I have a new XT8 and yes, working on a table with it is a lot easier than on the floor. I just collimated mine last night and could actually see the quarter moon this evening. I came across this site: http://www.smartavtweaks.com/RVBL.html They describe a neat method of collimation, but it entails having a laser collimator. I bought Orion's LaserMate Deluxe. At first the red dot was exiting from the front of the scope. I thought this isn't good… but after only a few minutes and some minor tweaking of both mirrors, I got the dot in the bull's eye. Don't give up. It's just a slow, tedious process
  2. I have the same problem with my Orion XT8 and the dinky finder scope it came with. I suspect whoever designed it may have some sadistic tendencies because after only 10 min. of use, my neck really hurts. Someone here recommended I get a Right Angle finder. It'll be here in a few days and I expect it'll be quite an improvement.
  3. Mark, Thanks again for all the info. I feel like a kid at Christmas (or Hanukkha) waiting for the Dob to arrive tomorrow. Glad to hear that I haven't exactly duplicated equipment on the finder scope front. Good advice on the solar filter! I'll treat it very carefully. I'd wish you 'clear skies' but I read the UK weather reports Looks like next Thursday will be clear!
  4. Thanks Moonshane. Very useful articles here!
  5. Thanks, Dr Robin. Yes, it does seem like I've hit upon a great group of helpful folks. It's always a comforting to have some knowledgeable backing when jumping into a new field. Lots of good help already!
  6. Ah, a fellow Nebula. Hi Wannabe. How do you like your Celestron Astromaster 130eq-md? Looks like it'd be easy to zero in on what you're looking for. Yeah, our weather is a bit overcast and we'll too have rain in a few days. We need it though!
  7. Hi Mark, How does the red dot finder differ from what already comes on the Dobson? And how is it different from the TelRad? lots of questions... Yeah, the weather is not all that clear. We're less than 10 miles from SF and usually enjoy drier, sunnier weather. Though it's been overcast lately and looks the same for the near future: http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/El+Cerrito+CA+94530:4:US Thanks!
  8. Thanks so much, Mark. I've never ordered anything so quickly as I just did for this Right angled CI viewer scope. Since my Dobson hasn't even arrived yet, I didn't realize the neck contortions I'd need to go through on the stock Dobson. This new viewer -- ordered from Orion, here in California-- should save me money on my chiropractor bill There are 20 reviews on the Orion site that were pretty interesting: http://www.telescope.com/catalog/search.cmd?form_state=searchForm&siteCode=US&keyword=+Orion+9x50+Illuminated+Right-Angle+CI including the first one from "Old Goat" who needed to do some reconstruction on the piece before he was completely happy with it. Amazing stuff.
  9. Thanks to everyone who extended a warm welcome to me! I'm looking forward to learning a lot here. I did decide upon a telescope: the Orion SkyQuest XT8 PLUS Dobsonian Reflector. It should be here by Friday, 11/8/13… just when the forecast calls for several days of rain. Our first in several months. If anyone has any tips, clues, suggestions on this new scope, I'd really appreciate it. I know this is a new rendition of the XT8 Dobsonian with a dual-speed Crayford. It's sort of like learning how to drive then getting a new Jaguar XFR-S. But at 71, it's probably better than actually getting a new Jaguar. My wife likes our Prius... I've spent parts of the past few nights with my Celestron binocs on a sturdy tripod and my iPhone studying the sky. I was really impressed by how clear the Pleiades looked last night and can't wait to see deeper. I've also seen a satellite around 8:30pm (03:30 UTC) passing from the west around to the NE and disappearing. How could I check on which one it was? Thanks again!
  10. Thanks, Joves. One day I'd love to visit Australia and Sydney in particular. Though, like you, it might not happen in this live… Yes, I'm looking forward to learning a bit more about the skies and also the scope I've decided upon (won't be here until 11/8 though): the Orion SkyQuest XT8 PLUS Dobsonian Reflector.
  11. Hi Olly, yes, having a few patches of dark sky here and there is important. Though in some places, just up the hill, I'd need to watch my back from mountain lions. The local cemetery is probably a better bet. That must have been one heck of a ride down this coastline. My motorcycle is an easier choice
  12. Thanks for all of your warm welcomes! As I mentioned to Ron, I'm planning on getting the new Orion SkyQuest XT8 PLUS Dobsonian Reflector. If anyone has any comments on this scope, I'd love hearing from you! I've got a lot to learn and need to also invest in some wool clothing-- it's cold out there at night just standing around.
  13. Hi Dave, Right you are on the wealth of stuff on this site. I hope to learn what I can --after I learn a bit more of the night sky
  14. Thanks, Ron. That's quite a useful site! I'm looking at getting the Orion SkyQuest XT8 PLUS Dobsonian Reflector. Jumping in with both feet…
  15. Hi Andy. Yeah, they're amazing binocs. And now that I've got a metal tripod adapter, it's pretty stable. Now I've just got to learn the sky better
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