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  1. Thanks for some of the feedback guys. I was looking at getting that book as I've heard its pretty much the go to resource. Was considering more DSO than planetary and sorry I meant that I had heard the EQ5 can struggle, I've read the NEQ6 is sound for AP.
  2. Forgot to add, for the moment I will be planning on using a DSLR to go with this setup. Nikon D7000 for reference.
  3. After quite a bit of reading about the types and quality and IPD of binoculars etc and after a bit of worrying I decided to just take the plunge and get the Apollo 15x70's and I have to say, very awesome! They have certainly impressed friends and family even from a light polluted back garden but took them out to a dark site last night (albeit the moon was sometimes popping out from behind clouds) but incredible just how much extra detail you can see with them. The moon craters look especially impressive against the dark side of the moon Not sure I can hold them up for a long time though, heavier than I thought they would be so getting a Manfrotto 628b monopod will grip ball head on it. Play with this a while I think and then look for an astrophotography setup.
  4. Apollo 15x70's for me, bought last week, very nice
  5. Hi all, Newish here and looking at getting in to Astrophotography. I've recently bought some Apollo 15x70's to get started with and learn the sky a little more etc but I'm planning ahead for AP already I was emailing Steve at FLO for a little while but wanted to gather some additional opinions. I was originally looking at the ED80 with EQ5 mount, seemed quite reasonable, then thought maybe I should get the NEQ6 mount to future proof myself and heard that with a full AP setup it may struggle. So because there isn't a bundle I was looking at the ED100 as it would be the same price as the ED80 after buying the additional focal reducer. After reading some more posts etc I'm now thinking maybe the ED120 due to its lower f number and getting the reducer on it (I assume its required). Or should I consider something like the ED80 Triplet (similar price range to the ED120), pay a bit more for the ED100 Triplet, or is there a different type of scope altogether to maybe consider instead? Is it really better to go for the lower f number than the larger diameter? Appreciate any thoughts and thanks in advance. Paul
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