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  1. Thanks for the reply. I did ask him to contact me if the bot sale fell through, was outbid by £5, but he might have had another £50 in reserve lol
  2. That is good to know. Until I start to get to know what all the different parts are they all sound good lol. Thanks for your reply
  3. Thanks for the link. Is this a good scope for astrophotography?
  4. Ah well, you win some etc. Thanks for the replies. It wasn't my first choice as I still fancy the 80 EDS Pro and EQ5 HD Mount package from FLO, as it supposed to be good for astrophotography, but not sure if I want to go over a bag of sand which is why I am still keen on the used market.
  5. After reading oodles of posts on here I decided to go for this on Ebay Skywatcher 200PDS Sky Watcher NEQ6 Pro Go To Heavy Duty Equatorial Mount and Tripod Hyperion 17mm Eyepiece + 2 focus rings Celestron X-Cel LX 7mm Eyepiece Celestron Omni 2x Barlow 28mm Eyepiece Premium Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece Bahtinov Mask EQMod Lead Game controller + adapter for wireless control Dew controller + lens strap Secondary mirror heater - wrong size but could be made to fit Battery for dew heater Camera T ring Baader solar film Upgraded latitude bolts Baader Neodymium filter Skywatcher UHC filter Moon filter Books - Turn left at Orion, Making every photon count Tripod camera mount for wide field photography attached to scope rings Support ring around optical tube to allow scope to be rotated without upsetting the balance I got outbid by one of those last second bid bots and it went for £870. I do not have enough posts on here yet to access the For Sale Section so do not really have much frame of reference for used costs. I'll get the post count eventually but do not want to just comment yes/no or nice image just to get the count up. So out of interest just wondered about this lost sale
  6. Thanks everyone. Still researching but favouring the Skywatcher set up
  7. Thanks for all of the warm welcomes. Will take a look at the book, off over to the imaging section now
  8. Hello there MikeG247 (AstroMike247 on Twitter) recommended this site to me. I am looking to start astrophotography. He recommended the Skywatcher 80ED as a good unit. So I'm here to hopefully see images taken by members with this scope and see how they like it. Thanks for having me
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