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  1. That's an awsome idea! I think my mum has some of these for walking lol.... I'll go round and nick them I think Will a drive need to be a specific one to fit the celestron eq or can I get any one? I'm sure there will be better options... Or will I benefit from a better eq mount? I have noticed that any more than about a 10 second exposure gives me motion blue to an extent... Lol
  2. A 10 and a 20mm. Dunno what type :/ ill have a look later It's got no motor drive, just manual so not the best for photos... I'll get something to weigh the tray down sounds like a plan I read somewhere on here about putting sand in the legs?
  3. Also... I know the scopes brand new but are they worth collimating from new? The images seem pretty sharp but every little helps etc lol
  4. As I'm still very new to all this.. But did what not to do and bought a scope before reading up I have actually found that this scope isn't all that bad The eq mount shakes a little and I can't get on with it yet... But I'll get there. I was just wondering if anyone else had this scope and would have any tips for it? It came with a 10mm and 20mm eye piece and I have since got a camera adaptor with Barlow lens. Any tips for making it a little more steady? Any tips for photos? Any tips for eye pieces? I read up on the guide to eye pieces but got a little confused if I'm honest. I'll
  5. Awesome! When it clears up ill have a go at that one Just wish this weather would clear up a little.. Lol
  6. any ideas on what i should point at next?
  7. P.S the 300mm got a few nice snaps of stars i could never see without a long exposure. but i was getting alot of motion, even with a 5 second shutter. maybe i need a tracker for it? or maybe just a stand that will lock down better lol
  8. i went out last night with the scope and my 300mm lens on the SLR for a few snaps etc... Thought i would look for Andromeda... after getting frustrated with working my (shaky) EQ mount i just picked the telescope up, pointed it in the rough direction of the constellation and followed a star map to where it should be. after a bit of searching i came across a small faint blurry oval shape in my 20mm eye piece. so i centered it and popped in the 10mm for a re focus. Wow! even though it was still faint in my LP area of Bristol i could still make it out. After a scramble to fit the lens for the ca
  9. i saw someone saying about this on another thread. i dont have a clue about imaging low light things such as this so ill give it a google and see what i come up with. i did take a fw photos of the moon on this occasion so ill see what i can come up with thanks guys!
  10. My setup currently stands as this: Celestron AstroMaster 130 Sony alpha 200 T-ring with Barlow lens. A little tweaking to bring the sharpness and contrast in on photoshop The quality might not be amazing as I pulled the photo back off Facebook so a little down sized... (Using tapatalk on my phone lol) What do people think? Any tips?
  11. Thanks guys I had a search and ended up spending about a fiver on little apps lol. They all do pretty much the same thing just some better at planets, others better at stars Got a good shot of the moon last night going to try something a little more distant over the weekend if I can catch a hour without clouds
  12. Hey guys. A really newbie question but as with these types of hobby you either know nothing or lots How do you tell when the moons going to be in view? Not like phases but cycles. Am I being dumb or is there a way of knowing where the moons going to rise without an iphone app? I want to try my hand at taking a few snaps but I don't know what time the moons going to come into view etc... This may be really simple, or may not. Help... I'm too new to all this
  13. Thanks for a great welcome guys! I think ill end up doing more imaging than viewing tbh, yeah the lens piece comes with a x2 Barlow, just hope my cameras up to it tbh. It's only a little alpha 200 but i use it in full manual with a set of 70s lenses donated by my father. The only issue I can see is the pictures I get are progressively getting hazier... I'm assuming it's the old lenses but time will tell.. Lol
  14. Thanks guys! Just trying to get my head around the eye pieces etc... The telescope I got came with a 10mm and a 20mm. But I have a feeling I'm going to need something a little stronger... I don't know when I get home I'll be reading the beginners guide to eye pieces again and doing the maths etc. I have a fair few days of reading ahead of me lol!!
  15. Hi guys. I'm jamie, from Bristol Just thought I would say hello before I started having a look around I bought a really bad Chinese reflector telescope which actually did ok for a first scope. Got a good look at the moon (and even a glance at Jupiter) when I could stop the eq mount and tripod shaking... Any way, that got pushed to the back of the parents garage and ended up being wrecked. I recently moved in with the girlfriend and lucky for me, the flat we are in I am able to walk out onto the roof of the flat below. So I decided to invest a little bit of money in a celestron 130eq.
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