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  1. Hello.. Yes I believe I am going to go for the discovery.. You said it.. in another league.. for the cost I just can't go wrong.. I plan on making it a two piece tube.. and who knows might put DSC on that baby some day.. all the research has shown this has got one kickin mirror.... the tube is great but heavy, and then the stand.. so much better than particle board. He is holding it for me so I can scrape up the bucks.. Thanks for the input accross the pond.. all the best star hopping.. to you all...
  2. Hey Barry,, I am a Barry too.. lol.. I am now getting torn.. In my area(couple hour drive) there is a Discovery Premium DHQ 12.5 that is in mint condition. I can get it for about the same price as a new z12.. Apparently hand finished optics, then with the Non-particleboard base, a real crayfords(single speed) and some other goodies. eyepieces, filters. laser collimnator.. BIG HEAVY tube.. but thinking I might just cut it in half and make it portable.. Any experience here with the Discovery scopes.. I have heard nothing but good things about them, minus a few complaints about the spiders.
  3. Hey and good day.. I have decided to go DOB for now. I want big aperature. I would love to have the intelliscope feature of the Orions, however a few things bother me about the Orion.. Single speed focusser, NO 90 degree finder. The clutch mount on the zhumell by all reviews on this board and others are superior as in glass smooth so to speak. And now zhumell has improved the azmith bearings and are adjustable on top of it. Zhumell comes with a laser collimater, 90 degree finder. oh what else, oh yeah nice 2" eyepiece. BUT the Z12 does not have the intelliscope option which I really do want an
  4. Hello and good day.. Thank you for your time and help and advice.. I am looking at purchasing a celestron nextar8se as my next scope.. Question.. Found a used scope named Celestron 8 nextar with a silver body... I am thinking it may have been a costco line of scopes provided by celestron. Reason I say this is that I purchased an older 114GT Nextar used which came with the orignal receipt. It was costco and had the same Silver color. The newer 8SE's are the orange color available online everywhere. Are there any differences? in the goto options? Are the older Nextar 8's better or wor
  5. I am excited to compare it to my little 4.5 orion starblaster. the 114gt has the barlow set up so they say it is has a focal length of 1000.. well we all know that is not quite true,, but will be interesting to see how much better or worse the clarity of view is.. I sure like the idea of go to aspect.. my little dob is great. but trying to find some of the objects is very difficult without a go to.. Pretty much decided the other day I have to have it, and now this little guy comes along..
  6. Thank you.. I have checked the classifieds.. as you say,, the age may affect it.. but it appears it is worth 200 bucks all day long so far.. thats good for me.. I can get it for half that..
  7. Hello and good (nights)... What would a mint condition Celestron 114gt telescope with got to mount and tripod be worth. It is 10 years old. I noticed they are still making the same model and they sell for $399. This 10 year old works very good. The go to function works perfectly. no dents no dings. never been dropped. the tripod works well and in good condition. Thank you for your input.. comes with one beginner eyepiece. so nothing extra with it at all...
  8. Some Day I will have to get the pentax.. It really wasn't that much more expensive than the baader. Although I got the baader zoom barlow kit and the baader zoom for about 20 bucks more than the pentax zoom could be had for.. so then with the pentax one would have to decide on a barlow that would work spectacularly with that.. any advice on that? also my other previous question.. Can you slide the baader zoom with attached 2.25 barlow into another barlow for viewing? I know its a lot of stacking, but on the little scope I have.. even with a 3.5mm eyepiece I am only getting 125x... tha
  9. I checked out the konig at the warehouse. Visually it appears to be the same. however I can't see the focussing marks that were present that appears to be from binoculars.. The gentleman agreed to give me a full refund and provide return shipping too.. for the same amount at warehouse I could have had a brand new one to try.. well within a buck.. but as I say the one I had, the eyepiece lense looked as if it sat on a shelf and collected dust and grime for at least a decade.. I had to use a lense cleaner to clean a hole to actually try the eyepiece out.. After seeing how dirty it was and tha
  10. thank you for the input.. It definatley has a very short eye relief,, and miserable focus and is really dirty lenses.. all the signs of a quality refurb.. yeah right.. I find it strange it has no markings on it for brand whatsoever. could be it was used in a pair of binoculars and someone just happens to know the manufacturer that provided the eyepieces for that brand of binoculars.. the guy advertised it as a 4 element eyepiece.. hard to tell that I am guessin unless one takes it apart.. anyway, it is going back. I am waiting for him to agree to pay the return shipping or I will
  11. Hello and good day. I purchased a used advertised as a 8.5mm konig 1 1/4" eypiece. said they had refurbished it.. The eyepiece has absolutly no writing on it. nothing to say what focal length it is as well as no name brand title. But what it does have is the + to - markings for eye focus compatibility.. Is this a konig or what? I know when I inspected it, the lense you look through at the top is absolutely filfty.. they say its rebuilt. yeah right.. I have a fast f/4 scope and after I cleaned it well enough to look through, the eye relief was horrible and could not get it to focus clear
  12. thank you for the input.. sure would seem someone would be making little red flashlight covers for the astronomers in this world doesn't it? As far as the lasers. Our laws in U.S. ca.. basically only restrict use of them within 15 miles of any airport.. and of course purposely trying to point them at a plane or for any person(s) eyes for instance.. So as far as using them for a quick point system, I agree maybe not the best system, but if one is careful it wouldn't be the end of the world. It always comes down to the idiots that use these tools in a harmful manner that ruins our freedoms..
  13. I ended up buying a Baader 8mm-24mm zoom and the baader 2.25 barlow and have had some very awesome views of jupiter through my little 4.5 starblast. Is very handy to not have to switch eyepieces, and so far the views of jupiter espeically with the barlow and the equivilent of 3.5mm at max mag. However I am already seeing where an 8" scope would be so much nicer.. with this small scope getting a high magnification is difficult.. I could see where a 3.5mm eyepiece with a 2x barlow would be very nice for viewing jupiter and saturn.. But instead of buying more expensive eyepieces to accommoda
  14. Hello and good day.. Had my first night of viewing with my brand new setup last night.. Baader 8mm-24mm zoom with 2.25 baader barlow and a 4.5 orion starblast mini-dob.. Jupiter was amazing.. can't wait to see it again.. Red dot finders.. What a pain after you get the scope anywhere over 60 degrees, and even below that still hard for this nearly 60 year old to find an angle to get to see through.. I tried holding a small mirror behind it.. not much luck.. Is there a better way. I see a few different designs.. 90 degree viewer type. small screen with arcs and viewing dots?? There has go
  15. And let me tell you!!!! I am so glad I bough the zoom.. I am not made of money, but I figured a good optic on a cheap scope is better than an expensive scope and a cheap optic.. Jupiter was so kool last night. I put the barlow on it and even with my little 4.5 orion min-dob.. Jupiter and its moons were AMAZING. And being able to zoom out withe baader to get on the planet and then just simply zoom in.. wow. how nice. and since I can't compare it to expensive eyepieces I can't say how the baader does against them..But let me say,, the rings of jupiter were easily seen with all of their be
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