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  1. Yes the space is a little small, i'm trying to determine the best height for the pier. The scope once on its rings gives me 1.5 foot either side to its closest approach to the walls, I have no issue with climbing under the scope to get around to the other side but my bench work will be along one side where i will have my pc. -Rob
  2. Just to add that i plan to use a roll off roof. Wall/floor structure - 6ft x 8ft x 6ft. -Rob
  3. This is my first observatory build so i'm just throwing my plan out there to see if people can help with improvements or possibly and faults. My plan is to use one of the spare sheds that is in my garden. I've got quite a good view with only one side pretty limited but that is the side towards the city so i'm at no loss really. The shed is due to be taken down and beefed up with stronger supports. Whilst the shed structure is beefed up i'm going to start with the instillation of the pier, i've got a good idea how i'm going to do this. North is well within sight and nothing that could prevent me from checking polar alignment every now and then. The shed at the moment already has a good power supply and lighting so power is no problem. I've drawn up a quick plan to illustrate what my observatory to be like. -Rob
  4. I've always had issues with amazon regarding deliveries not turning up. eBay on the other hand i've had very little.
  5. Through an eyepiece here i cannot see a single bit of it. I have to physically use my camera to view it due to the light pollution. Really depends on your light pollution where you live a lot. -Rob
  6. I would be lucky to even get 30 mins of clear sky here ! Let alone try to image in that time. -Rob
  7. Hey there, welcome. Where abouts in Manchester are you ?
  8. RobertC


    From the album: Nebula

    Getting a lot more hydrogen in my shots now since my modification. Ignore the surrounding vignetting. 56 second exposure, no filter.
  9. Thanks guys, great help as always. I think i have the one i want now -Rob
  10. Quite a bit out of my price range, looking at around £40 max at the moment
  11. Since i have a hard time getting to an area that has little light pollution i need to buy a light pollution filter for my imaging as i'm not far enough from the city apparently from my shots. I'm fairly new to the astronomical filters but from a photography perspective i'm fine. I need some help with what people would suggest for a prime 1.25 focus on a 200P with 60d 1.5x sensor. I would prefer to not use the dslr clip in version but a screw fitment. Also i'm after a filter to boost the amount of visible gases in my nebulae shots such as a HA or a 0-III. Could anyone offer some advice on what would be best suited, i'm currently using a modified canon 60d with the IR filter removed. -Rob
  12. Wasn't too sure about if i should of done it before i could test it but it's certainly worked so all is good.
  13. Shame the light pollution is to such an extent here so i am restricted to 1-2 min exposures. Rob
  14. Should of probably provided a little better images as the after mod looks worse on here. Before - http://500px.com/photo/50674406 After - http://500px.com/photo/53121050 -Rob
  15. Since modifying my 60d to be more sensitive to IR light i have had not a single clear night, i was lucky to get around 3 hours this early morning and had to try out m42 again. The modification has certainly worked and even in rather quite light polluted skies. Still got quite a way to go but i'm slowly improving. Before the mod After the mod
  16. RobertC


    From the album: Nebula

    One min sub

    © Rob Chadwick

  17. Welcome to SGL Hope your area of Poland has some what clearer skies than over here ! -Rob
  18. Always love to listen to the sounds that are from outside of our own planet and especially the noise from the plasma given off by the re-entering crafts.
  19. Welcome to SGL Baz, as always when buying something that requires a clear sky. The inevitable will happen, clouds.
  20. It will be yes, you need a t-mount to fit it to your scope. Looks like this fitted - http://www.heritagecameras.co.uk/ekmps/shops/heritagecameras/images/optolyth-t2-t-mount-adapter-for-fitting-spotting-scopes-to-slr-cameras-made-in-germany-[4]-2899-p.jpg You can pick up an old EOS style canon for around £40/ $70 ish.
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