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  1. 3.7 miles away is the closest one, i will have to make a trip. Thankyou !
  2. 2 hours later still haven't gotten this damn tree stump out, getting there just still the root that is holding it firmly down is deep below. Don't suppose the merchants called 'travis perkins' will sell the pipe will it ? It's not listed on the website and that is the only real one nearby. -Rob
  3. Just got back now from the DIY store and B&Q, neither had any of the 8" piping although i did get some wood and m12 threaded rod for the pier. Just got to cut it down to 3 lengths. Back to working on the digging now, again. -Rob
  4. Well i've been out still digging away, then the rains came. Covered in mud and wet through i've called it for a while till the rains have gone. Nearly done digging the extension though. On the plus side to getting wet through i've managed to find all the supplies i will need for my mount except the form as i'm still at college through the week, i shall be going this weekend to the store though to try and find one. 6ft is the interior measurement, the scope will fit it's been put in the shed before i took it down and i have no issue getting around or under. The interior will be just left as shed walls as i don't need to bother with insulation, only my warm room will be upgraded to warmth and better walls -Rob
  5. Just taken a look and that's quite nice, the altair adapter is quite a fair cost. I'm going to be using a brake disk, does the same job but for almost 1/10th of the price altair now sell the adapter for. Got the idea from this - http://www.philchris.co.uk/pier.htm#True North Where did you get hold of the pipe you used ? I've searched all over and no one seems to do anything that size ? -Rob
  6. I shall have to make a trip as it's the only piece of what i need now that has eluded me, thanks ! -Rob
  7. I did have that thought but i don't think they will have any 8inch diameter tubing, do they ? -Rob
  8. I can't have the door in any other place than it is currently due to all around it there is a raised area, garden steps up 2ft thats why on the last image i am digging into the ground to extend the walls by 2ft. The door to my warm room i will have closer to the wall, just placed there for illustration purposes. Well at the moment i don't own a dew shield, my diy ones i got rid off as they didn't work very well but either way the 1.5ft gap should be more than enough room once i take hold of one . Don't suppose anyone knows where i can buy a form preferably cardboard for the pier as i don't fancy buying a plastic pipe that i can't remove ? -Rob
  9. I should note that the orange circle represents the area the scope influences when rotating, grey circle is the pier. *not drawn to scale* -Rob
  10. I've drawn another updated illustration, the space around the scope i'm not fussed about as i will be crawling underneath. -Rob
  11. My plans are to walk/crawl under my scope anyway, i get a 1.5ft space either side of my 200P when it is sat on its mount. I posted another post about planning, the room isn't included as it was merely just about the scope and pier height if you want to see my plans a little better. -Rob
  12. I'm only doing the foundation work for the pier in concrete, the flooring will be still sat on wooden joists. I will have rebar in the concrete. -Rob
  13. Thankyou, it's a case of making the best of what you have. May be small but i certainly will be able to get some work done in the space i have -Rob
  14. Belgium looks like an astronomers worst nightmare, then again looking at where i live... It looks pretty much the same.
  15. I managed to dismantle the shed today after much frustration and graft to let me get to the groundwork below and behind. Started to dig out another 2ft of length so i can extend the shed for a small room compartment where i can stay warmer during sessions. The shed at the moment is awaiting new lumber so i can strengthen the different parts and extend the wall/roof segments. The plan is to have the shed 6ft x 8ft x 6ft with a rolling roof segment on rails. I will have a small 2 or 3ft wide room with a dim red light just enough for me to sit in and work the computer in reasonable light and space. The scope will sit on a 2.5ft concrete pier (8 inch diameter), just enough for the scope to get a good height on the horizon. The shed had power before it was taken down but i shall be re-routing the power under the floor and up the side of the pier and to the room so i don't fall over and wake the neighbours at 4am. I do plan to have the room insulated but leaving the rest of walls without any. Took a few snaps along the way - I do plan to have my build progress as a sort of blog, this is my first observatory build but probably wont be the last so any help regarding design and how i should go about things is certainly welcome. -Rob
  16. I've been pondering about extending the length of the shed by around 2 ft so i can house an area that would be walled off and have the roof section still above it where i can have the computer and some warmth. -Rob
  17. I'm not sure either how well wood would work for imaging, every imaging setup i've seen has been either metal or concrete. The wood comes out at the same cost of the cement bags would roughly for my pier. I'm trying to keep costs low as i have the prices for the rails/wheels for the roof but i have to strengthen the shed itself and do some repairs to the cladding which at the moment is the largest drain on my already little supply. -Rob
  18. I simply don't have enough to buy a pre-made pier that's why i am going for a concrete pier. -Rob
  19. I hadn't thought of doing that, if i take into account the height from where i am stood looking into the eyepiece the mount will have to be sat on a 2.5ft pier. I've been looking around at mounting the mount to the pier and i've come across this method of using break discs from cars. Seems quite a reasonable way to mount it to the pier. What would be the recommended depth/width for the pier to sit in regarding a foundation ? http://www.philchris.co.uk/pier.htm#True North The scope has around 1.5ft either side so i'm fairly skinny so i can fit past it or under it without brushing it. The benchwork i'm going to work on once i have the pier location set and where i can best put an area to work at. -Rob
  20. The yellow arrow is quoting the height from the scope to the peak of the roof. -Rob
  21. Just had a go at working on the height for the pier, the scope and the mount sat at home is 3ft high ( base of mount to highest point of the scope). The height of the roof at its peak is 6ft, i intend to leave room between the scope and roof. So i am looking at around a pier of around 2.5 ft max. The walls of the shed are 5ft high, pier and scope height is 5.5ft so i'm wondering if i should go for a 2ft pier as there isn't much to see from the horizon point other than roofs of houses from where i am. I have drawn another illustration to show how the scope would fit into the layout. What would people suggest, 2ft or 2.5ft pier. How much of a foundation am i looking at for such ? -Rob
  22. I should be able to get away with having the pier slightly higher as the roof isn't flat allowing me to tuck the scope into the peak of the roof. Most of the time will have my camera attached to the scope so i'm not going to be all that bothered about how to get to the eyepiece to observe. Pier height is going to take a while to determine the best and most suited height. -Rob
  23. Yes my plan is to have it as such, slightly further away to one side for more room. -Rob
  24. I've had EQMOD sat on my current pc for a while to try and fix a problem with my mount not slewing correctly. I'm aiming to have the scope further away from the door so i can have a little more room once i close the door. Once i finalize my plans from what others suggest and what i can actually do i shall start work on properly getting to grips with the software. -Rob
  25. I'm stuck to the shell of the shed sadly, the bench work will be out of the sphere of influence the scope has, i've not determined yet on where i will have the bench. There is a few ideas that i have such as a hinged section that passes across the doorway so it is completely out of the way where the keyboard/mouse will rest. The overall design i've still not truly set on but a roll on roof is the only way i can get the roof to be opened. I'm lucky i'm even allowed to use the shed and have a section for the roof to roll onto -Rob
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