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  1. Yeah no problem, its 1/4 rolled steel with both ends being solid steel fittings.
  2. Probably about £50 but the postage will be hell of a lot is all i'm thinking.
  3. Yes i would be, it was welded down but since i've removed the weld and ground back to a flush finish so there is a part where it is a little rusty but its only cosmetic if that doesn't bother you. I got it for £90 but its incredibly heavy. Can see it here in this image.
  4. Hey chaps, I'm going to be selling off my gear as I've not used it much and simply cannot trust leaving it in my observatory any more after my shed was broken into. Ideally i'd like to sell it all together for a price of £600, I've lost a lot of money here but needs must. It has been used with extensive care, there is the odd scratch and paint chips on the weights as they are often removed and transported together. The primary mirror will require a clean and may need collimating as it's not been used for a few months and has been stored inside. The mount does have slight pen marks where
  5. Well it's been some time since i last posted images regarding my observatory and lots has changed. I ordered a pier extension to reach that further bit over the walls and also to help with polar alignment/checking. Finished up routing the cables to the mount, layed a new floor and furnished my warm room to make it that little bit easier to bare in the cold. The roof is slightly rolled off in the image so i could see a little better in the fading light. Have had quite a nice time imaging from the observatory, here are a few images from the past 3 months. https://www.flickr.com/photos/robcha
  6. Yeah i did notice that i did need an M48 but wasn't sure what mine was when i put the order in so ordered it anyhow as t-rings are fairly cheap to buy. Thankyou !
  7. Hey there, i bought the SW coma corrector well over a month and haven't got round to sorting out my problem with it until now. It is a simple problem with quite an easy answer i assume, the coma corrector thread section is larger in diameter and will currently not fit onto my t-ring. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the correct t-ring that will allow me to attach the coma correcter to before i buy the wrong one. I think it is the M48 version as currently i think mine is a M42. -Rob
  8. Well it's a bit hit and miss the weather report for tonight so i may be able to get out for a while tonight. May go down to 2 min exposures and up the ISO to 1200 and then stack some tonight. Been a long struggle to get it working but i too am glad i'm getting somewhere now Thanks for the support over the months ! -Rob
  9. Thankyou, i've done a few modifcations to my eq5 such as cutting away some parts and using thicker bolts to prevent any movement overtime. Can't see it having any effect on it's tracking abilities though The 200 second exposures where just test shots, 200 was the first number in my head. -Rob
  10. Guiding is on my next thing to get on with, i know my polar alignment isn't perfect as i had to do a rough alignment yesterday when i dismantled half of my mount I do own a coma correcter just the thread on it will not reach the threads on my t-ring so im going to make a sleeve for it. -Rob
  11. Just got to work now on the polar alignment as star trails are creeping in, some images taken tonight to check it was coping fine. Single 200 second exposures, no stacked images. -Rob
  12. Yes i was just mentioning my polar alignment is only out by a few small amount now also. At least it's now fixed -Rob
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