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  1. Got these 2 images recently. I find Iris more effective than Registax (at least for Orion Nebula - I couldnt near the same image with Registax). Need to to work on stability and exposure levels. No tracking involved. I am happy with the TalkCam though...
  2. Ended up with nice visibility last night...need to work on Venus though :-)
  3. Hi all. I just got a used V-Gear TalkCam. The adapter would actually just barely screw in to the thread. I wasn't able to get focus when only mounted on focuser, so I wanted to get the adapter further in. After doing the same (hack-sawing the top of where the lens screws in) I noticed that the threaded section was actually sort of separate but joined at the top, so that was then no longer attached to the webcam. Luckily enough the adapter fit very snug and straight in to the webcam...no gluing, no screwing. Let's see if I can test it out tonight...and my dob will be stable enough :-)
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