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  1. Very good binoculars you have got there. I have the same and I'm very happy with them.
  2. Hi. M45 is brilliant in 10x50 and 15x70 but the other messiers was very faint and really needed the Apollo binoculars to see abit more. M35, 36 , 37 & 38 . I would say M35 was the best view but still very faint. M31 is a good view in both binoculars and M45 brilliant in both. M103 was a decent view in the 10x50 . They all take some hunting around and looking at star maps to confirm and looking again. But I got there.
  3. Nice sketch David. Looks good.
  4. Good sketchers Tiny. M42 is a nice one. Well done.
  5. I did that night . When the 15x70 binoculars dewed up I used the 10x50 bins and noticed a big difference . In the apollo's objects was much clearer and larger , more detail , in the 10x50 bins smaller objects was harder to see and smaller . Which do you have Bennythebrit.
  6. I use my iPad note section. After each observing session I pack away and wright down what iv seen , where I started , time , viewing conditions . Works for me and easy to follow :-)
  7. Had another good few hours last night. Even though my Apollo binoculars got dew on them at one point so had to use my 10x50 binoculars but still had some nice views and seen a few new objects. I'm learning more with these and I'm sure it will help when I use my telescope. Here is my observing report. OBSERVING REPORT. Viewing time - 20.00 Viewing condition - AIII - Moderate seeing with larger air tremors. Observing report - Helios Apollo High Resolution 15x70 binoculars & Helios Naturesport-Plus 10x50. Had another good few hour observing tonight. Thought I'd start tonight in Gemini and at star tejat posterior HR2206 and moved across to the right to propus HR2216 , both nice and bright glows and very clear . Slightly above them I came across M35 open cluster, which wasn't very clear in the Apollo binoculars but definitely a cluster of stars , I looked slightly to one side of it and I could make out quite a number of faint stars. I confirmed it with star walk and it did show M35 in that region . I got the 10x50 out for the next viewing because M37 was right above me so I moved above M35 and came across a slight hazy patch couldn't make much of it in the 10x50 but looking to one side of it I'm sure I could make out some very faint stars , confirmed it with star walk and M37 was there so I'm thinking it was this. just above that was a slightly smaller patch again M36 and above that what seemed a larger hazy patch which I'm almost sure it was M38 . I don't know if the Apollo's would of shown any sort of detail but I think a telescope will be good on these which I will try next time. Quite pleased iv found these, it taken some doing but well worth the effort. Had a quick look at M45 again. Always nice this in any binocular but I could really tell a difference for the 10x50 and the Apollo 15x70 when just scanning the sky in the 10x50. Moved over to andromeda , again always good to see and tried to find a few objects in Cassiopeia. And I'm sure I came across M103 star cluster. Which was a bunch of stars very very close together more or less across form the star ruchbah HR403. Had a look on star walk almost sure it was this. Objects viewed. M35 M37 M36 M38 M103 M31 M45
  8. Yep. The orion did look good last night. I had to wait until about 2300 to get a nice view of it. Have a good night at Kielder.
  9. Hi. I'm the same. I find it more rewarding to observe and find the object my self. Plus you or I seem to learn a lot more by taking note of where objects are in the night sky.
  10. Hi Graham . Welcome to SGL. Enjoy the forum .
  11. These photos are not a patch on some on here. Only one's iv ever taken which was just a few week ago. And with my iPhone.
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