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  1. Thanks for a great time. And thanks to all that stopped by for a chat. I hope to see you all next time.
  2. mbhyde

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    the breakfasts are grate thanks should have known that someone would know how to find out. see you all there
  3. mbhyde

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Help how can I find out what dates I have booked . I forgot to make a note.
  4. Will do Sent from my SM-A500FU using Tapatalk
  5. I live on smith st and go past you every night as I work ln Rowner at the community centre Sent from my SM-A500FU using Tapatalk
  6. hi and welcome paul from mick in gosport hants you must be near me
  7. Very interesting hope it's true
  8. 1 yes that is right 2 yes that is right 3 earth rod out side the obs in ground about 1m down and 2 core is will do if you use 3 core the earth is terminated with sheath at obs end
  9. The earth from the house should not be connected to the obs end . If you have a pvc cosumer unit it can be made of on it . But a earth rod will need to be put down at the obs end for earthing . The swa is earthed from the house and the obs is earthed from the rod.
  10. As a electtician i would earth the SWA at the consumer unit but insulate it at the obs end and put a earth rod down at the obs end with a RCD at the obs end
  11. Hi and welcome from gosport
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