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  1. see i hook my samsung scb2000 up to my telescope without a lens and it looks tiny, you can make the craters out but thats all. when i put my celestron 8mm in i can see lots of detail but its just blurry and i want to see details if that makes sense. i wanna see the edges of the rocks etc and see the shadows. ive just moved and i seem to have lost most my eye pieces which kinda annoyed me. i have looked in boxes but cant find them anywhere so im guessing the removal folks stolen them thats the only answer.
  2. just curious to what eye pieces would be good for my skywatcher ed80. how far in could i go. i plan to record with my samsung scb2000 as well. the standard eye pieces i had with the scope just aint good enough for me. i need better magnification along with quality if that makes sense. they need to be 1 1/2" eye pieces as well.
  3. where do you think would be the best place to sell. dont say ebay because i dont want to deal with shipping etc
  4. didnt know whre to post this but i am in need of selling my telescope and mount asap to pay towards the rent of a new home im having in 4 weeks time. what kinda price should i be looking at getting for the two of these. the mount is a bit tatty but works 100% fine. the scopes in a metal case and has only been used about 4 nights from new. EDIT i also want to sell the new shed i bought the other month as the new house doesnt have what you call a garden.
  5. yep when i move and i set it up the first thing will be a ton of concrete and ill insulate it aswell.
  6. i think it was pointless building my obsy, im planning on moving now
  7. yeh no pollution as such but if i aim north at the horizon i do get a redish colour after 30 secs show up in pics.
  8. ok im a bit of a noob with this camera for videoing space. i removed my ir filter and now everythings pinky red. how do i fix this problem?? i dont have any ir blocking filter because i thought the reason to remove the filter in the first place was to let ir in??? am i missing something???
  9. no light pollution, im in the middle of no where. nearest city is 25 miles south and 60 miles north.
  10. basically my shed/obsy is 1 1/2 feet off the floor for extra height over sheds and hedges etc. i have a celestron cg5gt with a skywatcher ed80 on the end. my camera is a canon 1100d. im havign so many issues with it at the moment. like i can find stars and planets fine in the handset and then look through the eyepiece and there there dead centre but id i choose andromeda galaxy i get nowt. along with other galaxies a ngc.
  11. hmmm ive read somewhere that people used brake discs but i cant remember for the life of me what type of car it came from. looks pukka tho
  12. what did you use to mount the mount to ?? is that a brake disc??
  13. yeh after i have done my 2 star align which i normally cuoose dubhe and sirius, i add a optional 3rd which is normally procyon. going to re design my flooring on my shed to be safe. to eliminate any slight movements in my pics etc i might get my trusty jigsaw out and cut some holes where the mount legs go and slide them into the holes with nowt touching them. get some slabs down beneath to get it level as well. i cant cement a pier in which is a bummer because landlord doesnt want any concrete left behind
  14. the oldest kid which was a girl who was 9 was like WOW thats amaziiiiinnnngggg. the younger boys who were 8 and 7 said this is boring, whats the point. im bored. they kept jumping about and everything was annoying. i was trying to take some pics of jupiter and they kept putting there lights on and off, shouting about. some people go fishing to relax and chill out but i like to go out to my diy obsy and chill out looking at the universe. after all, we are all made from star dust right :-) ill get some pics up of the obsy but i do need a window in my warmroom because when im messing with
  15. well i didnt get any egg shapes i think it was the polar alignment like someone said on here, dunno who. i didnt really get many images because my mate showed up with his tribe of kids and they were into everything i had. kept turning lights on and off and wouldnt shut up. ruined my relaxing night out last night. i had a go at some imaging with my scb2000 last night.
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