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  1. aDaAnDrOmEdA


  2. Thanks so much for these tips. I was able to set up last friday and took a picture of the moon in RAW. I only have a 2x barlow and the moon looks really huge with it. I can only take pictures of part of it as well with the Barlow. May I please know what are the advantages of the filters? if you don't mind I just ordered a shutter remote also. This is really exciting for me as a newbie
  3. I feel you Gareth. Way to go! and may you have Clear skies
  4. Hi guys, Good friday! I am planning to do some astrophotography tonight/tomorrow of Jupiter (weather permitting). I have only been getting used to my Skymax 127 mak. I would like to attach the canon 60d to it with a t-ring. (I've tried it and it works) Anyways, I would like to have some hints/help/advice on how to go about it. I tried taking a pic of jupiter before (please find attached) but it is not a clear/good picture. Is there a specific settings I should put the canon 60d? I learned that I should have it in manual. But I don't have a remote control and am pretty much will be doing
  5. It's beautiful, I was viewing Jupiter last night and since Dublin was very windy, it seemed dancing, but the 4 moons were equally spectacular. How did you do this?
  6. Guys, I enjoyed a spectacular view of Jupiter and its moons last night.. I was blown :D

    1. tingting44


      awsome! i really must view it soon to see how its changed when i last imaged it last year... we had 100% cloud cover in hampshire last night, where r u ...

    2. aDaAnDrOmEdA


      Hi Tingting :D yes, I woke up at 2am last tuesday and saw that the sky cleared up. I took a picture (not very good and am still an amateur) but it is nothing to what I was viewing in the eyepiece. I live in Dublin and the light pollution is a challenge :/

      I read this http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/news/jupiter’s-triple-shadow-transit and if skies are clear tonight, I might be having a long night :D

  7. Hi Thanks very much Martin. I have just downloaded it now
  8. Thanks so much Peter. I was using an app with my android and it says 006 14 W, that came with a lot of number after 14 I guess that too could have created a discrepancy with the accuracy
  9. oh yeah, I was looking at that too.. Apparently, there are forums here that talk exactly just that brilliant! Thanks hobsey
  10. Hi Peter, And I reckon you should really know that star's name and position to choose it because then the mount would ask you to center it with the arrow keys right? And I thought at the beginning was since it's automated, I shouldn't have to do anything and just keep pressing enter haha. Sorry, I must sound totally dumb but thanks so much I think I know what to do now. Have you ever used Star Walk app? This is what I use to familiarize the sky. I'm wondering if anybody is using it too
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