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  1. Hi Yes it's the degrees of Venus,Mars,Saturn And Jupiter for each year 2012-2020 the first of each month that I am looking for Dave
  2. HI just tried my glow in dark Planetsphere held it under a lamp for 10 mins ,it does glow in dark but......I can't read any of it unless I use my red torch, what a waste of money!
  3. Hi My Philips Planetsphere has the position of the planets 2002-2011 so it's a bit out of date. So I thought I'll buy a new one and this time it is a Glow in the dark one which sounds ideal no torch required, so imagine my disappointment when the new Philips Planetshere arrived all it says " the planets are arranged around The Ecliptic .....Well I know that , but there is no info on where, like on the standard Planetsphere. Has anyone got a scan of the Planetary tables they coulds email me and I'll stick it on the back of the planetsphere ? Or do I have to buy yet another one. Dave
  4. One of the things I did notice,after I had enquired at the Storage trunk place, I got a lot of pop up ads from them . I don't like that!
  5. Still looking may be I will make one, But with the original packing the case is really big and heavy have tried the storage trunk company and they are expensive but of excellent quality
  6. Hi I wonder if anyone has ever made a box to store and wheel out a Celestron CPC 9.25 SCT? The Jimi one is over $500 and I thought it might be able to make one from B&Q boxes. I have wheels off and old Wheelie bin I just want to protect it a bit from dust and scuffs and being able to Wheel it out would be bonus. These thing are heavy begining to wish I got an 8 inch Dave
  7. Newyears eve and some lunitic was snapping at the moon when he should have parying on!
  8. News Eve and the party was in full swing when some sad guy went ootside and snapped this!
  9. Hi Guys, I need some advice, I was out observing last night It was a great night with the moon not rising till quite early in the morning. After 2hrs my corrector plate was dewed over even though I was heating it , all my eyepieces had a layer of water on them Could it be that even though the conditions were excellent for veiwing the temp did not dip to below freezing , that would make for wet conditions, but viewing with the eye was excellent? so there must be an ideal with dry cold which I assume is very cold?? Should it be worthwhile making my eyepiece box heated? Dave I am thinking now I will get one of these wee 12v hair dryers to try out. has anyone tried them? they look like a quick fix.
  10. Why bother......Well I like making things and getting them to work. In my defence, I don't like using metal boxes because of the condensation the can appear inside the box. On screening for RFI and EMC Use screened leads, a filter in the DC input which will cost next to nothing 2 capacitors ana small inductance. I cannie grind a mirror but this is summat I can do my self and enjoy ...whats more I learn from my mistakes that go along the way Now If I could build a clear skies machine that would be triumph!
  11. Yes thats the same Kit , mine is built into a Maplin box and slides in sideways, using the grooves in the box. have used one of the output pins to feed another transistor on a seperate heatsink which gives an AUX output (smaller) for eyepieces and finders ,the red led flashes then the green, all works fine Another mod is to be done increase the inductance of the filter slightly to eliminate the switching interference at the 12v input which will get on the power line line Dave
  12. Hi Guys I 've just finished making a dew controller from a vellerman kit . I was a dc motor control kit that used pulse width and variable pulses . It is Kit K8004 you only have to change the capacitor C3 to about 10 micro farad It will give about 3 amps out , and if you take the puses out of pin 11 on the main chip to a tip 43 trany you can have an aux output for eyepieces now all I need to do is make up the heaters, I've got some resistance wire from an old storage heater and will experiment with that. Dave
  13. The chrome one is solid as well as the black one none of them move at at all...and I had my porrige this morning as well
  14. The Black ring at the back is solid and will not move
  15. I've just bought one of these from FLO but how does the 2 inch nosepice fit on. has the 1/1/4 chome ring to be taken off? It is very tight and seems locked in or has the black plastic ring behind the chrome ring to be removed first it is rock solis=d as well.
  16. Message from Teleskop in Germany. The filter is only available in 1 1/4 The images are processed because it was next to impossible to show the visual impression of the filter through a photo taken through the filter.So what we did was to process the image so that it most closely resembles the visual impresion Patrick Woiltala Telescope - Service So I see it as only a representation ,But a picture says a thousand words... Dave
  17. I have to choose a present from my work, I really fancied the Baader Zoom eypice for use with my old orange C8 are the any good ? Do the come with a 2 inch adaptor and is there a thread to screw on a T thread for a camea attachment? dave
  18. Has anyone bought one of these teleskop sevices TS UCF 1 filters their moon before and after look stunning I tried my Badder UHC S filter it did not work as well as that . Probably different wavelengh in the spec and it had a colour caste as well .This looks great but is it Photoshop enhanced? The TS UCF 1 it doesnt have a colour caste. Dave
  19. I've just bought a secondhand Meade Wedge, for my Large Meade field tripod,surprise the screws don't fit from the wedge into the tripod. But the scews from my Celestron Orange C8 SCT fit it ..crazy ,so has anyone an idea what the standard is for the tread size? it looks an imperial size I thought quite innocently that the three mounting screws( telescope to Wedge )were also a standard spacing ...but no the Meade and celestron have different spacing,and of course different threads what are the thread sizes for a Celesrton I wish to drill and tap the Wedge to make it a multi product wedge and have no idea the thread size again it looks imperial, hey its a minefield out there! :?
  20. I know, but would the 8 inch be man enough for the 9.25 ....when I get it.... moon is big tonight but so much moisture it has a halo.. dave
  21. I still have my old Celestron Orange C8 SCT , it is complete with an old wedge ,It is difficut to adjust with all the weight of the scope. I plan eventually to buy a CPC 9.25 SCT but I hear the Celestron Wedge is also difficut to adjust even with the upgrade kit. So My question is where in this country can I get a suitable wedge for my old C8 and it must fit a CPC9.25 as well. Oh! did I mention that I'm using a meade H/D field tripod and would like to use it with the new scope CPC9.25 when I eventully get one ,they are rock steady. So what does the underside of the CPC look like is it flat with the usual 3 holes, I looked at the manual and it looks like there is a single big screw holding the scope on in alt-az I supose using the wedge it whould be same. I would even be prepared to use a Meade wedge if it fitted the CPC.I suspect they don't ...can they be modded to suit. I don't want to buy one of these big overpriced American wedges! Any advice ?
  22. Thanks guys, I don't know why Celestron would NOT have a link to the scope , surely a design flaw? anyway I see that Celestron UK are advising people not to buy the ebay skyscout as it's grey import but it is almost £100 cheaper, and how come we pay almost the same..no exactly the same price in pounds as the US pay in dollars for the same piece of kit? The Dollar is a lot weaker in the last six months but have we seen any price drop in the Celestron and Meades....NO. Dave
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