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  1. I am just about to set up for the night and going to give the xbox (modded) webcam a go. I have tried to find out if I need to use the lens on the webcam or remove it so the CCD chip is on show while attached to the scope? Also, where is the IR filter and how do I remove it please. Thank you so much for the board, really looking forward to trying it out this evening
  2. Thank you all for your tips and advice. I was a little concerned at one point wondering if the dovetail mount had been connected correctly or if the motor was connected the right way round during installation, but the last night I used it, everything seemed to be OK with it. Waiting for the next clear night to try it out again. Once again, thank y ou all so much for your time and advice
  3. Hi Cedric, nah, I don't know what was up with it. everything was spot on. I turned it all off, tried factory reset once more and it just worked Don't know what was up with it. Thanks all for your help. Cheers
  4. Sorry Cosmo, just seen this. No I understand that I have to manually slew to the first target, but just chose Vega (in the West) and the scope slewed in the opposite direction to the East?? Do I slew that far?
  5. Just double checked as I am out with the scope now ad it is either - or +, it cannot be left blank
  6. Hi Thanks again, I am out now, 1st star aligin I chose Vega which is in the West, it slews to the East???
  7. Ah brilliant, will this speed the tracking speed too?
  8. The problem I have is when I use the cursor buttons on the hand set, it can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to get the star I have tried to align to is so far away.
  9. Hi Cornelius, thanks very much, I am not sure how to set my timezone at 00 00 as there does not seem to be an option, what ever I press changes from - or +, it has to be one or the other it seems Thanks though
  10. Hi Ronin, thank you so much for that. My location is in Hereford, but I am right up in the hills, so my Long. and Lat. reads 52.0043°N 3.0095°W I know that the Synscan expects it W then N. Not sure what to say about the timezone as with my synscan it has to be either - or +, there is no option to leave it blank, and with the BST I have been adding YES, is this my problem do you think? Would you mind if I messaged you with an image of my location with all the details please? Thanks
  11. Thanks Helite, I read somewhere, now I am not sure that this is correct, but I need to insert the + as I am in the same region as USA and so on, I would have to insert the - if I was East of the line, but I am not 100% I read this correctly or even if the information was correct, butI have been inserting +00.00.00. Thanks
  12. Thanks astrosathya, The previous owner sold it due to health issues and could no longer use the scope. I will give the star alignment a go again the next time I use it, though even when I have tried this in the past and chose Vega as my first star it slews off down South somewhere. I am a novice, this being my first scope in some years, but never one has it directed me towards anything I have asked it to. Just the other night after trying the 3 star alignment and all three being way off and me having to spend around 10 minutes on each star with the handset to get them centred, I tried looking for the Spiral Cluster and the handset said that it was BELOW HORIZON. I really am starting to have concerns about the mount. Thank you so much for your reply and the contact too, I will get in touch with them. Thank you
  13. From my experience with second hand EQ5's the best guidance would be to leave them completely alone, nothing but bother and trouble, I have been suffering with mine for the past few months, nothing seems to work apart from the £150 scope that came with it.
  14. I have had an EQ5 with an 8" Meade Newtonian Reflector attached. It has been a nightmare from the word go, I bought it second hand and for some reason it very rarely actually GOTO's anything near what I want. I reset it back to FACTORY SETTINGS last time I used it just before I put it away feeling frustrated and depleted once more. I woke early this morning and noticed that the sky was crystal clear. So I set up the mount as I have markers in the ground showing me where to put each leg, got Polaris dead on, swung the scope and it stayed ti the outer circle. As I had already inseted the time, date (the American order), my Long. and Lat. correctly and with Jupiter pretty much over head, I thought this may be a good time to see if the FACTORY REST had done the scope any good. As Polaris was spot on, I missed out the STAR ALLINGMENT, and went straight for the SOLAR SYSTEM on the Synscan GOTO hanset. I searched for JUPITER as it was obvious where it was, clicked for it to search for it and the scope slewed to the horizon in the East. I re-inserted the details ofter parking it home and turning off, then back on again and tried the same and the same thing happened. I am also finding that while the scope is so say TRACKING while taking exposures via a DSLR the longest I am able to expose for is around 5 -7 seconds, any more than that and I get trails. I am beginning to wonder if the gears have either been inserted correctly or if they need replacing or worse case skipping the lot. I am almost at the end of my tether with it, please can anyone help me out here?
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