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  1. As well as Saturn which is beautiful, the view of the orion nebula (M42) is always a sight to behold as is Albireo in Cygnus although Bins show this as well as any scope. Another favourite is M57 (plenty of mag required) the ring nebula in Lyra, as the little doughnut is a real treat first time up.
  2. As already mentioned the Canon 450D is perfect for the job and available cheaply. My is astro modded and it makes a difference for deep sky though for solar system / lunar it wont matter. Given your Mak the planets are your best choice particularly with an Alt-Az mount as deep sky really needs a faster scope and an accurate driven EQ mount to do DSO's justice. alternate choice (on a budget) would be the 300D (no live view) as it's even cheaper or else the 1000D. for planets have you considered a webcam with appropriate software, your set up would be perfect for that. I'd recommend a SPC800 / 9
  3. Most of the issues have already been covered already, in addition to size of the 2" EP's, given that your scope is an 8" Dob, balance with the larger and usually much heavier 2" EP's need serious consideration. When I use the likes of my Meade 4000 UWA 14mm on my dob I have to make significant balance changes, even more so if a Barlow is used as well. Therefore unless wide field low power views with as flat a field as possible are in order then you can probably stick with 1.25" EP's for a while yet.
  4. Welcome to SGL Tom, you are correct in that it is the easiest forum to naviagte and it is certainly the friendliest and most helpful. As a newcomer to Astro photography myself I can confirm that Steve Richards' book Making even Photon count is a must, he is on SGL as Steppenwolf. you need to clarify what area of AP interests you as if Solar system is you bag then Steve's book isnt your starting point whereas deep sky etc it certainly is. Also to assist you in your endeavours your area of interest will enable the advice to be fit for purpose. Nevertheless enjoy the forum.
  5. Having owned a TAL 100R for many years I can vouch for their optical exellence, CA is only apparent on the very brightest objects (Vega for example) and it can take 50x per inch well with good seeing. That said I would not be looking for an Achro for AP work, definately an APO required there, and bear in mind the focal length for both the TAL and the Evostar when considering AP work against a decent APO. For visual the TAL gets my vote and save up for an APO for the AP stuff later!
  6. Always good to see FLO jump straight in to support us punters, unlike many who would look to pocket additional profit for as long as possible - that's why FLO will always be my first point of call for product that they stock.
  7. Great Logo, let's be fair we all know you guys as FLO. But now you have a brand identity to match your service and pricing! Sent from my BlackBerry 9800 using Tapatalk
  8. Wow, what a capture! Sent from my BlackBerry 9800 using Tapatalk
  9. it's all looking rosey in the world of 80mm triplets, now what about the GT102 is this something you'll be offering Steve??
  10. You have stolen my thunder with the TV76 as I was about to say that the ED120 could never be described as a grab and go, the 101 possibly at a pinch, I would have advised the TV85 but I'm sure you'll be delighted with the 76. I'd love a NP101 myself but could never justify the expense, a true thing of beauty
  11. Now my spider senses are tingling...................... come on Steve put us all out of our misery and cough some tasty suprises
  12. Not too sure about the merits of the 120mm ED having never owned one but I can comment on how a range of optics compare as I own a 10" Dob that's F6.4 so it's no slouch on the planets and takes magnification well, I have a nice early 4" Tal which is very nice on the planets and shows very little CA except on the very brightest objects and finally the best of the bunch my 7" Intes Mak-Newt which is as contrasty as any frac i have used and is no slouch on deep sky either. The views that the Intes throws up once it has fully accliamtised is pure brilliance, have you considered a Russian lovely wh
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