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  1. Hi there is a 1.25"TV 2.5 x Powermate on Astrobuysell at the moment for £130. Graham.
  2. Hi, what sort of budget are you looking at spending? If its very tight there is a 9mm SPL eyepiece on Astroboot (telescope and astronomy stuff section) for £15. You could pair this with the 2x & 1.5x APO barlow also on Astroboot for £20. This would in effect enable you to turn the 9mm eyepiece into a 6mm and turn the 25mm eyepiece into 16mm ish. (with apologies to all who contributed to the recent threads on how barlows work! ). This of course depends on how much you like the 25mm eyepiece. You could also look at Astrobuysell for 2nd hand bargains. BST eyepieces are very highly recommended
  3. Telescope House have the ES 24mm 68 degree eyepiece for £69. That's £72.49 with postage! So you can get a bargain in the UK too! Graham
  4. Hi, am I right in thinking your scope is on an Eq5 mount? I've got the dob version so I'm not going to comment on eyepieces - except to ask - what do you think of your 10mm eyepiece? Are there particular things about it you dislike e.g. the eye relief or field of view or do you think the view isn't sharp enough? Thinking of this may give you a better idea what to choose as an upgrade. Maybe give yourself some time with the eyepieces to see what you like and dislike. If the barlow unscrews at the bottom you can screw the bottom part of the barlow onto your 10mm to get approx. 6.7mm. Graham
  5. There is an 11mm ES on ABS at the moment for £90. It's not mine - I'm keeping mine I have the same scope. My first upgrade was the 11mm ES. I highly recommend it. I use mine with a 2x barlow and get good resuts. I use the 6.7mm ES with and without the barlow for the moon & planets. It's great for letting your eye wander over the moon's surface. Regarding the argument of not needing a wide FOV for the moon and planets - it's a personal feeling - that's why it's good to buy used or join a local club if you can as you will save money by trying other's equipment or selling something on for li
  6. I agree with baggywrinkle. If you could organise someone from a local astro club with a solar telescope to do a bit of outreach I think that alone would blow their minds and be a bit more convenient for primary age children and parents to attend and you might get more attendees for evening sessions - leaving the rest to be spent on your scope(s) and tea and Jaffa Cakes. Graham.
  7. Hi, there's a lot of choice really - which doesn't help matters! As you mentioned planetary and DSO I would look into getting a good eyepiece around the 12mm mark ( assuming your scope is F6 - to give you approx 100x mag and a 2mm exit pupil) that you can use with a barlow lens at a later point to give a 200x mag (approx the highest magnification normally reccomended). I've got an 8" dob and went down the 11mm Explore Scientific route. At £110 from FLO it's a bit above your budget of £100 - and of course you would have the expense of a barlow at a later date. There's a 12mm Vixen SLV on the F
  8. If you do end up wanting to go down the 8" dob route there is also one on Astroboot's Bargain Zone at the moment for £225 - free postage. It's good advice to buy used if you can as if you don't like what you've bought you won't suffer as much of a hit if you sell it later compared to buying something new. There's lots to think about though as it depends what you want. There are pros and cons to everything! Keep asking questions and good luck! Graham.
  9. I wonder why more people don't look up and take an interest in the things around and above them - maybe they wouldn't be impressed with most things (faint fuzzy = barely perceptible half imaginary smudge sometimes) but they would be impressed with an explanation of what they are looking at. I've had a scope for about 3 years but always had an interest in science which has kind of lead on to astronomy. It's hard to get motivated sometimes with work / family commitments, tiredness, constant cloud!... but I am always in awe of what I'm looking at. Graham.
  10. Thanks for posting the data sheet al. I was put off considering the 1.25" OIII as the data sheet on the STL site shows the 496 line with a pass of 61% which I thought was a bit low. It's interesting that the data sheet you posted shows a pass of 86% at the 496 line. I'm tempted to give one a try now - just slightly concerned at the variation in the pass band though! Graham.
  11. +1 for seeing what you like or dislike about your 12.4 EP + 2.5 barlow combo. You could even use your barlow as as a sort of manual zoom to experiment at higher magnifications - loosen the eyepiece in the barlow and pull the eyepiece out of the barlow slowly and refocus say on the moon or Jupiter and see if you like the results. It's a free way of checking if you can squeeze any extra seeing out of your sky - providing you don't drop anything! The view will be a bit wobbly but I've tried this myself on the moon and Jupiter with my ES 6.7 and 2 x barlow and it works - it's impossible to say wh
  12. I like the descriptions of the items on Astroboot - it's good to see a sense of humour - see the ones on the misc. page for the ant burner or Bresser keep fit pedometer for example. Every now and then a real bargain crops up on there too - Ive not used them yet but probably will at some point - after all got to keep fit burning those ants! Graham.
  13. Another site in the UK is this one F1telescopes - showing 6 of the MV line. The site in my last post was actually Robtics.nl - Specsavers here I come.... Graham.
  14. Hi, robotics.nl show all the maxvision EPs as available. There's no guarantee the site is up to date though - so anyone thinking of getting one may do best to check with the vendor before ordering. Graham.
  15. Hi, stick with it. You've only had a few sessions so it's very early days yet. You'll get there. If you bought a cheap laser and it's not working out it will still be useful for the barlow laser method ... if you get a barlow at a later date that is! Graham.
  16. Hi, Also have a look at http://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot especially the bargain zone.
  17. This one isn't really about the wonder of the night sky but There was an old man from venus Who suffered several astro-diseases Aperture-fever the first Astro-photography the worst The bank statements gave his partner several seizures. Graham.
  18. Hi, at least the benefit of buying one of the scopes 2nd hand is that when the time comes that you want to get rid of it you can sell it on for around what you paid for it with little or no loss and use the cash to get other useful stuff! I hope you realise that getting too much astro stuff at the same time just encourages the clouds Graham.
  19. When I bought my ES 6.7 EP I expected it to be the Argon version and it wasn't. I felt the same way. I contacted the vendor and they arranged for a replacement to be sent which was the Argon version. The vendor agreed to pay half the return postage as a gesture of good will - I was happy with that and I got what I expected to get. It doesn't help that a lot of sites show the N2 version and say it is Argon purged. If I was you I would contact the vendor and see what they say. Graham.
  20. Hi, thanks for sharing your findings. Choosing a filter is a bit of a minefield so it's good to get your opinion - especially as there aren't many reviews of the STL UHC. Graham.
  21. Thanks for posting the data sheet. I see it's 1.25" so £60 for a filter that's been individually tested seems like a good price to me. Be interesting to hear your 1st light report on it. Graham.
  22. I enjoyed the programme too. I feel like that character from the Fast Show - this week I have been mainly watching science on BBC4 I think all the programmes were one offs as Brian Cox had control of the channel for the night. Although Cosmos was listed as 1st of several the later programme was listed as 10/10. With this good science programme overload and Sky at Night I am slowly filling up my Sky+ box!
  23. Well worth a watch if you can. Having just read the biography of Paul Dirac "The Strangest Man" it was good to hear him speak and see clips of him. Also good to see clips of Richard Feynman again. Surely they could make something like this a series? SGL user Feynman has a very large list of Feynman related links in the Physics, Space Science section of SGL here that deserves mention. Graham.
  24. Hi, I've been looking at the site robotics.nl recently and was surprised to see Radians listed as available in 3, 4, 12, 14 and 18mm. The only other sites I've seen them are Telescope House (3mm) and the Widescreen Centre (3 and 4mm) - bit out of my price bracket new, but used maybe. I'm tempted by the long f/l ortho and good barlow combo too for planetary - might be an interesting contrast with my ES eyepieces. Just thinking about cutting my eyelashes or washing them with soap is making my eyes water! Graham.
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