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  1. Also HEQ5 pro syncscan it was mounted on if wanting a complete setup
  2. rest of the setup if interested in the complete thing
  3. Managed to grab some quick rough pictures but it's a regular SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro SyncScan so no surprises. Is in VGC. Is White. Is all working. Not sure what else can be said. Had since new, very light usage, never been wet or damp, only dry use and dry storage. There is an extension arm for the weights. Also a 2nd 5Kg weight if required. If you wanted a complete setup see my other listing for 8" OTA tube and even an autoguiding setup using ST80.
  4. The ST-80 was used with a QHY 5-II colour video camera with built-in auto-guiding port for auto-guiding. Camera also works as a Moon/planet camera. ST-80 also can be used for visual observations.
  5. Grabbed a few quick pics of the main tube, sorry is a bit dusty (on the outside). Has been kept dry indoors, outdoor use minimal and always stored dry and damp free. As mentioned, GSO, 10:1 crayford style 2" precision focuser, 8", F5, mirror open cooled with fan, oversized colmination adjusters for easy adjustment. Pics of other items not part of the OTA sale. The OTA comes with a little finder scope, not the bigger 50mm or ST-80. Will attach original finder scope. Have original box for the tube. Very light use, mirror is clean and dust free other than a few normal sp
  6. Yes briefly - that's what I got it for but have been too busy.
  7. Not quite sure yet but the guider is ST80 + camera. Worked well. Ideal for the synscan mount or similar. I'll try to get pics and details in the next week.
  8. I'll grab a picture or two for you during the week.
  9. Very nice 200mm (8") F5 GSO Newtonian reflector with 2" dual speed precision crayford focuser and inbuilt mirror cooling fan, oversized colmination adjustors. A really nice tube for visual and astro photography alike. Similar to Skywatcher 200PDS but much better spec. Very light usage, gives excellent results. Also has been kept dry indoors while not in use, dust free. Ideally pick up would be best but can discuss options as required. £225 ono - buyer collect or arrange courier, message me to discuss postage. Location South East England.
  10. SkyWatcher HEQ5 pro syncscan. This has all the add-ons, ST-4, handset controller, etc. Is the heavy duty version. Polar scope, etc. It is pretty much as new, with very light usage, I've kept it dry indoors and it's had a few careful outings only, where it works like a dream. Also can come with additional 5Kg weight (so with x2 weights giving 10Kg) and an extra weight extension bar too. Ideally a pick up would be best, depending on time I may be able to give a quick demo of it working if required. £640 ono should do it. Buyer collects or arranges courier (item is natu
  11. I've had one a while - I like it. The camera itself is great, I use it as a guider or as a planetary camera. however the drivers are what let it down. Being windoze only and being a bit sketchy at times I've found this is the side that is a let down. Still, it does work and it's a good price so for that I can recommend (with reservations above) - there's not a massive amount of choice in that area for that price so unless you want to spend a lot more, it's a pretty good buy...
  12. Some great pictures here, impressive. Even more so for the cost of this tube. I started with a 130P (non-pds) which I thought was pin-sharp image wise, then jumped to a 200 (GSO) - while I love it and visually it's great, for imaging it can be a bit of a lump sometimes. I'm thinking to compliment it with a smaller PDS for imaging, that will also be able to use all my existing accessories, the mpcc etc My question is, 130PDS or 150PDS, probably it makes sense to go 130PDS and go wider, to compliment the 200. Right?
  13. Seems the Sun is quite active at the moment, interesting BBC article on the Sun: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-27406358 As I recall the peak was around 2013 so I guess it's just about gone through the solar maximum and will be pretty active but decaying over the new few years
  14. thanks everyone. Just a single shot, in JPEG :s - was a bit grab and go and I've not had a chance to use the scope lately and so was all fingers and thumbs. Took a while to get the camera remote working. Was surprised at the number of spots and the detail on the surface, it looked a bit 'angry' compared to when I last looked some months ago. The difference the BST explorer 12mm made over the stock 10mm Skywatcher + going from 650 to 1000mm native focal length made quite a different to what you can actually see on the surface, I was quite pleased really. Solar scope... will be mine, one day Th
  15. Hi, The Sun looked very active today, lots of spots. Took a snap, doesn't really do it justice compared to the amazing image I got through the 12mm BST eyepiece I used. However, I left the camera on JPEG - Doh, so perhaps better luck next time... I don't have any special equipment for Solar photography but maybe a solar scope will get added to the Christmas list.
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