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  1. Hey Charic, I've tried using the 9mm on its own. I think it gives a clearer image, but not quite as much zoom. I don't know if I'm viewing the scope correctly though. I think I should read up on the basics as I can't be doing something right. Sanda, yeah they are deffo out of allignment, I need to do as you suggested to re-allign, but I can find what I'm after at the moment after a few minutes scanning around. Knight, that sounds like the issue. Is there any reason my scope would be doing this, or is it a weak eye? It rarely does it with Jupiter, but it has done. Do I just need a filter
  2. Oh my word, how to sound an utter simpleton IDIOT I was talking to the wife about Saturn and somehow I ended up writing Saturn down instead of Jupiter, what an utter numpty. hahaha Yes, sorry, Jupiter, replace Saturn with Jupiter. I feel so stupid, and will blame the wife haha. Yeah, the 9mm sits inside the Barlow (so its as far as it goes), then the Barlow is in the scope as far as it goes. With the zooming, I can see the moons, the circle of the planet, its just being able to make the image a bit clearer. I see a lot of people spend a lot of time setting up, where as (at the moment), I'
  3. I'm trying to view Saturn through my scopes, but I've got a few niggles I've noticed when using it (and also the moon). I'm wondering if its a simple noobie mistake, or whether I'm not doing something right. Firstly, when I view the moon or Saturn (the first things I'm concentrating on), the light seems to reflect of the back of my eye and I can see lots of blue blood vessles instead of say the moons surface. Sometimes its fine, other times I can't make it out, same goes for Saturn, sometimes I can just about make out the faint colour, other times its just the blood vessels again. I'm not s
  4. Cheers all Spent a little more time outside last night, and hoping to again tonight. Jupiters a great start I think as the moons not out. That starter post was a good read, although the image of the 4" Frac with Jupiter is far superior to what I can see. I don't know if cleaning the mirror will help, I'll do some searches on here I've still yet to try the Skywatcher. As I can at least see one planet with 1 scope, I thought it best to concentrate getting that right. I'll youtube some videos, good idea. Its 99.9% me that just need to do some more reading. Been so busy with work that not h
  5. Just working my way round and found that post thank Seems I'm your average new observer, expecting more than can be viewed. Jupiter deffo wasn't that big or defined, you could see it was round, bright, and had 4 bright moons (and a star nearby to the left/lower corner). That was on a 9mm lens. I also didn't realise you had to stare down the scope for some time to get a better image (makes sense seeing as its light coming in). But given the eyepeice position, that could end up with some dodgy back syndrome :S I deffo need to do some more reading about it all.
  6. Doh, thats PUT some new ones in. Not long been up, fingers arn't quite responding yet haha.
  7. Hi there, yeah but soem brand new ones in. Also, if I left it for say an hour, it went into sleep mode, and when awaking it, it kept saying "skewing" on the display, and would result in a reboot, hence having to set it all up again. It got on my nerves big time lol. Stars were not twinkling, they were really stable in light. Conditions were clear, thats why I just went down the manual moving route (using the control unit). tbh, I just don't know what to expect, and if its that the images I'd hoped to see, result in spending £1000's in scopes. Im totally new to it all, loved space for some
  8. Afternoon, Had a nosey round, hopefully this place will be able to help me out with questions I'll no doubt have. Me, im 32, live in Kent, ride motorcycles, trackdays etc Got myself a pair of 2nd hand scopes. So far, I've only been able to look at things through the Meade (ETX70A). tbh, I've had a nightmare with it, spent hours trying to allign things up using the Auto setup feature (2 star). It seems whenever I put it in the default position, it never alligns the stars in the middle, they are always off to the side/in the corner. I've been manually adjusting them, but so far had no succe
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